Friday, September 12, 2008

Your Call

"Waiting for your call i'm sick, call i'm angry call i'm desprate for your voice. listening to the song we used to sing in the car. do you remember butterfly early summer. it's playing on repeat..........."

somehow i feel i'm not the one
but when you called me
it was warm
and i feel i am now loved
i can see lies through your eyes even when you talked your voice sounds like honesty. some say 'eyes cant lie'!!! hey fellas, you know what? last minutes, he called me. just to ask 'where are you? you've been to school?'. do you know i really miss him like hell. this fire is burning my patience down!!! i don't want to be weak anymore. no matter what i feel soon, i will FIGHT! friends, i am fasting now!!!! hhh i'm hungry, grrrrrrr this gunger is a monster. it wants to eat youuuuu. especially ehem the one you know who. i'm dreaming of a glass of Ben & Jerry's Baskin Robbins then Dairy Queen and vanilla milkshake. what the fun. now i'm chatting and replying comments...............................
i planned to hang out with FAQI but what a shit, he has to go to pim at 03.00 o'clock. and guess what, i've been to school this day. i'm in charge to explain the profile of my school. at school, i was on the phone with Faqi, i was okay until he said "kayaknya putus" oh my gosh i really know nothing about my relationship with those young man anymore, then suddenly he told that?!? SHOCKING SODA! then i learn to hope a new thing. i just can't move, i just can't go R

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