Saturday, September 20, 2008

the reason is you

why i do need air
i wanna be alive
why i do need water
i wanna erase my thirst
why i do need friends
i wanna brighten up my days
why i do need pain reliever
i don't wanna feel pain of course
why i do need phone
i wanna keep in touch with you
why i do need hands
i wanna hold ya tight
why i do need lips
i wanna kiss your rosy lips
why i do need feet
i wanna meet you at our future
why i do need brain
i wanna construct our days
the dreams are now showing up
until they done the show
nightmare or not
it is just an unreal unwanted things
the days are now falling down apart
they burst to pieces i can't find where
the memories i saved are lost
i can't cry and i am speechless
this is what i became
this is what i destined to
this is what i was afraid of
this is what i was talking about
this is what i didn't figure out
about being unwanted
the truth about something
i didn't know
is now becomes reality
beyond the horizon
i was thingking to accuse
you were lying
something i was looking for
now i understand
i was looking for myself
i say i love you
not like what you heard
as i loved you
i confess i am no good for you
but i'm no aim to hurt you
i just can't believe you're not the same
this broken hearted
isn't a thing which is risking you
just a thing which is killing me
it hurts!
like you lost someone you love
like you lost something you like
like you don't understand any little thing in this world
like they are confusing you with facts you don't know where they came
this world seems so hard to walk through
Thank God! i was born here
if was not, i don't think that we'll meet
and i don't think i will find someone like you
even if when pain attacks
i am proud to answer that
the reason is you
the one i will gladly sacrifice myself for
the one i will gladly die for
i will make this clear honey,
you are my everything
it doesn't matter about those annoying things
just you and me
if one day i have to give in, even if i won't...... and i have to answer one question like this
"Janet, why don't you give up? you're just holding on with nothing"
The reason is you!

If you're not here, i don't wanna live, Chris Brown said "No air" Avril said "When you're gone, th pieces of my heart are missing you" Rihanna said "It cut me like a knife, when you walked out of my life" Elliot Yamin said "What will it takes to make you come back?" Barney said "I love you"

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