Sunday, September 18, 2011

INSTAX promo


7s pink/blue: 930.000
7s choco/white: 1.030.000
25s white: 1.430.000
25s hello kitty: 1.530.000
50s black piano: 1.650.000

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zena Livianda.


What a rare name.

The first time i heard of her, i know for sure that she is a tough girl.

She’s fun. She’s sometimes grumpy but, seriously, this girl is different.

This girl never leaves when the rest is gone.

This girl took a good care of me (and Ines) in Bali.

Tho we barely knew each other.

I’m really sad to know that it’s weeks away til her move to the states.

I just want her to know,

Tho we take different path, in life, there’s always one point where people from the past gather around to look back all the fun and shit left behind. And to tell how much each other has grown.

(TRUE) Friends.

Are more costly than gold.

Are harder to find than money.

Are the source of happiness, fun, and lessons.

Are impossible to forget.

We will meet new people. Different faces. Different personalities.

Some might be a lot like you. Some might be too strange to stick around with.


No bitch will ever replace you.

And there’s no need to fear so.

And if you think we don’t love you, as much as you love us.

You’re wrong. Abs wrong.

I only had 5 days (in Bali) to get to know you this close.


And yeah, i hope you feel the same.

And it’s not just me by the way. When i say “bitches”, well i know you do understand who the devils they are. HE HE

Note this.

Your dream is BIG. And you’re the next BIG thing on earth.

Promise me 2 things

1. You’ll attend my wedding and enroll ur kids in the best school at the states (where i’ll enroll mine too :P).

2. Don’t ever forget that we’ll always be friends. Best friends. You’ll meet that so-called American teens. This may sounds a bit selfish but, don’t ever replace your brothers and sisters. Remember where you come from.

We got your back, Zena. Touch the sky. Dream BIG. Make it happen.

You will never walk alone.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aryo Bimo has moved to USA

So, his name is Aryo Bimo Utomo! He's on of my best friend. i'll post his photo later.

Kemaren Bem-bem (his nickname), bertolak ke Amerika. Kita, more or less 28 orang pergi ke airport, Soekarno-Hatta, khusus buat doi. Gue sampe pake shirt yg patternya American flag huhuhu sedih banget. Belom lagi...... waktu ngasih hadiah kecil yg gue buat dgn bantuan temen2, H-1! Sekarang gue tau seberapa berharga nya temen.

Gue cuma punya pesen buat Bem-Bem,
kerasa banget deket dekeeeeet bgt tuh pas di Bali, di sekolah kita asik gara2 gue suka ke kosan lo sama jambu buat diajarin Matematika. Seneng banget punya temen kaya lo, bem. dan gue yakin bgt, ga cuma gue yg ngerasain. Ke-gentle-an lo sebagai cowo yang gue juga tau banget ngebuat banyak cewe meleleh (LOL) ga bakal bisa digantiin kelasnya. Gue berharap, tho we now end up in different places, but remember, we're below the same sky, breathe the same air, paling penting, jangan pernah lupain kekeluargaan yang ada di sini. Di Jakarta. Di tengah kita-kita bem, yang belom tentu bisa lo temuin di Amerika. di negara orang. We all love you so much, brother bear. Lookin forward to see you, soon :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


there's always a piece of you in it.

it's not about that i've been dating you for years.

but about that lil things you might lose your sight of
things you might not notice

summer holiday has arrived.
aye Bali, here we come.

you know what it takes to make me love you a lil more?
a silly joke between a corny conversation
a crazy plan
a simple I Love You
a kiss on my forehead
a tight hug

i don't kno how to describe you.
you're just simply, effortlessly, amazing.
you're dope. like i wud go nuts for you.
i wud run away with you.
like i wud live forever, immortal.
like i wud pig out, not caring what i look like.
like i wud trade my whole for a bite of you
like i wud cut out my heart
i feel like i wud write a letter to God

and let Him know that i'm very happy
and extremely thankful for everything

Thursday, June 2, 2011

thank you LORD

when you're down
God sees you
when you're alone
God sits right next to you
when you cry
God wipes em tears off your face
when you are sad about everything

There are still some things you can smile about

1. you're still alive
2. your life is aint dat low
3. somebody out there might be thinking of you
4. somebody needs you
5. you can pig out everyday
6. you're still young
7. so many things dat you never know you got.

Saturday, May 28, 2011







*Instax Blue&Pink 7s
-860rb blm termasuk
-975rb udh trmasuk 1 pack

*Instax White&Choco 7s
-1,1jt rb blm trmasuk pack
-1.150rb udh termasuk pack

*Instax HelloKitty White &Choco 7s
-1,500rb blm trmasuk 1 pack
-1,550rb udah termasuk 1 pack
Biasanya 1,7an loohh
blm pake isi pula

*Instax Black Piano 50s
-1,85 jt blm trmasuk 1 pack
-1,950jt udah trmasuk pack
I once checked the price wkt itu 2,2 di store gt

Instax 25s: pencetannya ga ribet dan fokus
Instax 50s, lengkap! ada selftimer. semuanya ada pengaturan

Binder POLOS
Uk.20 90rb
Uk.26 95rb

Binder motif Leopard
Uk 20 hole: 110rb
Uk 26 hole: 115rb

Binder motif zebra:
Uk 20 hole 120rb
Uk 26 hole 125/bludru beda

Binder motif sapi
Uk 20 hole 125rb
Uk 26 hole 130rb

Bahan beda2. Makannya harga beda2.

Aquapix nyaa lucu2 juga ada yg polos, ada yg bermotif, ada yg bergambar =)

The Kids In The Street

Anak jalanan...
Rumah mereka beratapkan langit yang tak berujung
Rumah mereka lebih luas dari kebun raya Bogor
Rumah mereka berada dimana-mana

Yesterday when i was halfway to my house. I saw 2 kids di depan warung makan duduk bersila di pinggir jalan. Makan Indomie yang mungkin buat mereka Spaghetti. Devara sama gue sering lewatin jalan itu kalo pulang bareng, Devara sampe kenal sama anak jalanan yang masih lugu banget, namanya Rio. Rio jualin koran yang harga nya 3 ribu. Koran lama sih kayaknya. Tiap kali gue mau kasih duit makan buat Rio, Devara says no. Soalnya ternyata dari jauh ada yang mantau anak-anak disitu, duit makan yang bakal gue kasih belom tentu bisa dipake Rio buat makan ato sekedar beli minum. Preman nya duduk, ngaso dan ngerokok. Bukannya ngamen ato cari kerja kecil-kecilan. Hina banget menurut gua, memperkerjakan anak yang seharusnya dia bantu. Malu-maluin. Kasus kaya gini pernah gue temuin juga waktu gue pulang sekolah naik kopaja nomor.... 72! Emg ga di kopaja ini aja sih, tp... there was a kid, limbless..dia ga punya kaki. Dan jalannya ngesot. Utk naik dan turun dr bis, dia pun lompat, tanpa kaki. Preman yg udh gue spot dr jauh ikt naik jg, duduk dibelakang dan MAKAN! sementara anak yang (sorry) cacat itu dibiarin ngesot2 minta uang.

Kalo gue orang kaya, kalo gue miliarder, duit gue ga punya nomor seri, pengen banget bisa bantu. Tp realitanya beda, gue cuma pelajar. Sedih sendiri huhu. Gue aja suka ngeluh biarpun hidup gue ga sesusah mereka. Makanan suka ngga abis. Pdhl mungkin mreka butuh sisa makanan gua. Sumpah Indonesia butuh perubahan. Dr bidang pendidikan untuk naikin pendapatan nasional biar kita bisa nanggung org2 yg kaya gitu. MARI BELAJAR KAWAN2! Jd org sukses biar bisa charity!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How's life?

First of all,
Happy Birthday to my dear, Mas Bayu 'Ekoy' Demas
Wish you all d best big brotha XOXO

good news. ulangan biology gue luckily nilainya 80. PKN simpang siur tp keaknya diatas standard kelulusan (amin). Life has its ups and downs, just like roller coaster. And well,sometimes we just can't enjoy it the way we enjoy riding a roller coaster.. Idk why. To the point aja, gue skrg lg final test week! Doain ya semoga nilai-nilai gue bagus. Pengen masuk kelas Sosial :P wiwiwiw doaain! Liburan nanti pgn gue abisin sama temen2 jgg! Aahh ga sabar pokoknyaa. Wish me luck buddies!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Life is easy

Cs no matter where it takes you to
All you have to do is just move forward

Thursday, May 19, 2011

never too young to speak

Go right and left. Fly up and fall down. You know what's the best part of being a teenager?

It's when you go crazy, scream out loud, fool around, make mistakes, do bad things, and try new shit. People will think it's because we're young. And we still need to learn, a lot.

Just don't forget to start your every day with a smile and a flaming hope!

Kids, we are too young to complain about the world, yea i know. But this world is ours to take care. God said so. And it is our job to keep the world green. You can google it yourself how to support the green-ing program!

Kids, we are too young to worry. But if we don't start today, imagine what would your future be?
Thank God for every chance you have. To be sitting in the middle of the class listening to your teacher (tho it's boring). To be sitting in the passenger seat of your old car (tho' it's uncool for some people). To be reading this post (tho' my english's not that good, thank God you still have internet). To be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks (tho smtimes they dont taste good). Thank God that you are not handicapped....

Kids, we are too young to think over. Make mistakes. Spread positive energies. Lead the world to somewhere better. Try new things. Make enemies. And turn them into friends.

Kids, and don't be scared to fall for someone you really care about. Don't be afraid to suffer, for it is true that suffering teaches mankind how to handle pain and not to over-think any shit. Never fear to have your heart broken, be happy because there is always someone who will soon taps your back, hugs you and tells you "Everything will be alright. I'm here". Don't be afraid to be the victim of love, bcs "by being closer to your enemy, you are closer to victory. by being able to control your fear, you'll be able to get through the strongest windstorm"

Kids, let's reach the top! We are the next big thing! The next leaders of the world!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Bad Temper

Yep. So if i could define bad temper in two words, it would be grumpy and or maybe selfish?

And to be honest with you friends, my temper is very bad and it's not because i'm labile, this is just me. I can hold back my feelings, telling you guys, I CAN. but i can be so sharp at making a statement. I'm not always wrong too, but not always right as well. And if you can't handle me at my worst, than you sure as hell don't deserve me at my BEST. My bad temper has been causing so much damages in relationships between me and friends, family and boyfriend. But here is the thing you people really HAVE to know

Behind this wild side, i do have the delicate, so soft and fragile side that nobody cares about. Nobody. Trust me. Nobody would like to be the blame. Nobody would like to get the impact of my bad temper. Tongue is boneless. And the easiest way to hurt people is by saying something rude. Man, that's easy. But remember, i won't pick up a fight, if you don't trigger me to. I can guarantee you 100%. And due to the fact that i'm a girl, it's clear to see. My hormones also take part. Hahahaha and bitch, really, girls are sensitive, so is me.

Don't date a girl if you sure you can't handle her bad mood

I'm just being real. If you love me, i think, if you love me for who i really fucking am, you won't complain and you won't RUN OUT OF PATIENCE. And if you don't love me, chill, walk away bcs i never asked you too enter my life and be friends and so on. I'm tired of listening.

Now it's time for you to listen

People have problems. And so do i. I can't handle them alone, but somehow i just can't tell everything. There is still something i can't tell my boyfriend, my mom and my dad.( Tho i will never be able to lie to You, God).

Just don't talk to me "that" way, i mean, don't ever even think to talk to me in high-pitched. Treat me as a lady, gentle man. If you are one.
Treat me as a friend.

You bite. I kill. So simple aite? My brain is smart enough to manage an evil plan too. Ok im starting to be toooooo honest hahahaha.

It's normal, the pressures are forcing me to be such a beast i know. But why don't you help me? Why are people complaining? Why don't people understand. Pleaseplease please
I know i've been a bad daughter, boyfriend, friend, classmate, and whatever it is. I'm SORRY. I'm SORRY. But i'm here to ask you people. My people. you-all-know-who. I don't have to mention their names one by one. I am fucking sorry for ever ruining your days and moods. Sorry. Just leave, if you don't wanna get hurt, leave, tell me that i'm not good. EASY. Just don't be such a jerk, blabbering everything i did wrong.

Hereby, i apologize to DVRPUTRA. for all the things i did wrong, for all the days i ruined, and all the troubles i put us thru'. I want you to put me first, or else i'll be putting you the last in my "Who to care about list". That's pretty fair, i think lol (don't take this as a joke). I mean it. I'm trying to make you understand why i've been so grumpy these days. I love you, but i just don't know how not to be me.... sorry. And oh yes, i got hyped almost everytime, when i miss you, when you're nowhere to be found, when i'm alone, when you're being such an ass, when we're in a fight, when everything is ain't like what i wanted it to be. It's very human, my dear. It's just not you but it's so me. And thank God for sending me a guy with patience like him, thanks for sticking with me for like almost 2 years and present ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Cerita si lebah

Hari itu, di bulan April siang, lagi tegang banget, disaat orang yang Aubrey harapin malah ngga ada buat dia, dateng seorang yang dia tahu tapi ngga kenal. Namanya… bilang aja dia Zuko.

Aubrey waktu itu emang Cuma sebatas cewe yang pengen tau, ini itu ini itu, pacaran sama cowo yang bisa dibilang fun, baik dan humoris.

Begini cerita Aubrey:

April itu, gue super bingung harus gimana. Sekolah emang ngga lagi buat gue pusing. Tp masih ada 2 persoalan yang menurut gue penting yang masih ngga bisa gue selesaiin. Approval bonyok gue sama Davin. Dan juga hubungan gue sama Zuko. Gue sama Davin diuji sama banyak masalah, perseteruan dan juga konflik yang adem panas adem panas. Gue mencoba sabar selama ini karena menurut gue cinta juga punta tes tahan uji. I’ve been through so much bitterness selama ini. Cinta nggak memaksa. Cinta nggak merubah. Cinta nggak punya syarat dan ketentuan. Gue mulai bingung sebenernya apa yang Davin rasain ke gue, sayang beneran ato sayang sama hal-hal indah ato hal-hal yang paling tai yang berhasil kita lewatin. Gue juga nggak tau apa Davin cowo yang bener-bener gue cari ato bukan. Gue memimpikan cowo yang rela berkorban buat gue dan mementingkan perasaan gue daripada perasaannya sendiri. Nyokap gue ngajarin gue, kalo cowo itu emang harus berjuang buat cewe. Bukan cewe yang berjuang buat cowo. Davin itu orangnya lucu, gak bisa gue tebak. Dan yang ngebuat gue bisa bertahan sama Davin itu, hal-hal kecil yang nggak dia sadari ngebuat gue seneng. Hal-hal kecil itu emang sederhana banget, gue bukan gampangan tapi ini soal the way he pleased me in such a simple way. Jarang2 ada yang kaya gitu. Selama gue pacaran belum pernah gue nemuin cowo yang santai aja dengan gaya gue yang cuek, sembrono dan banyak omong. Menurut gua, bisa ngehandle kebacotan dan keperfeksionisan gue itu udah anugrah bgt. Biarpun…. Pada akhirnya, gue ngerasain juga sakitnya dibohongin dan gue adalah orang terbodoh terakhir yang tau apa yang harusnya gue cari tau. Dikhianatin sama orang terdekat gue sendiri rasanya…gue makin yakin kalo gue emang masih terlalu lugu untuk bisa berdiri sendiri. Gue makin ngerasa yakin kalo bakal banyak nantinya yang khianatin gue. Ini emang bukan yang pertama kali, tapi lo terima nggak setelah pengorbanan2 lo selama ini lo di “kebelakangin” gitu aja?

Hati bisa memaafkan, tapi sayangnya otak terlalu peka untuk bisa melupakan


"Sosok Zuko dateng when everything went worse. I lost my sight of him, I was falling but warm hands catch me as I fell hopelessly to somewhere in between loved and dumped. And that hands were Zuko’s. Zuko masuk ke hidup gue tiba-tiba dan cepet banget, waktu yang tepat juga, gue stress dan ngga ada yang ngisi sisi gue, pada saat gue hampir mati waktu itu karna kecerobohan gue sendiri, Davin sama sekali nggak nyari gue, yang memakimaki dan menasehati gue justru Zuko. Orang baru yang belum terlalu gue kenal, orang baru yang seharusnya nggak terlalu memikirkan nasib gua waktu itu. Dia kelihatan panik malam itu, terus aja nelfon2 gue, sms2 gue panjang lebar marah2, “sebodoh apa sih lu sampe rela berbuat kaya gitu demi orang yang nyakitin lu”. Kira kira begitulah isi sms Zuko. Dan begitu gue bisa bicara, gue angkat telfonnya, dengan nada ketus masih bersih diingatan gua kalo dia bilang “…nggak perlu lo ngelakuin hal2 kaya gitu lagi ya, gue nggak suka”. Gue cuma bisa nyengir. Tapi kalo lo mau tau, cengiran gue itu berarti banget kira-kira dipikiran gue tuh “coba aja lu pacar gue” hahahaah. Itulah malam yang ngebuat gue, mulai merasa nyaman dengan keberadaan Zuko. Gue sama Zuko terus contact, seakan-akan Davin udah lenyap dan nggak peduli sama gue lagi. Beberapa hari setelah itu, Zuko masih aja rajin nanya keadaan gue, masih sedih ato nggak, udah makan ato belom dll2. Gue SANGAT bahagia. Bercanda sama Zuko pun gue nyambung. Kenapa? Zuko humoris. Dan pedenya melampaui kadar pede yang ada didalam diri lelaki biasa hahaha tapi itu lah unik nya dia. Pada suatu malam, Zuko unexpectedly called me, dan confessed apa yang dia rasakan ke gue. “Brey, sebenernya cewe yang gue ceritain itu lo. Gue sayang sama lo brey”. Gue SHOCK! Bingung. Memang selama ini dia masang status “brey” ato “a*b*e” atau “Nyata tapi tak bisa dimiliki” sempet juga “So hard to let you go” ntah buat siapa tapi gue nggak pernah berpikir kalo itu maksutnya, bener-bener, GUE!? Gue bilang gue nggak bisa sama dia, gue msh bertanggung jawab buat seseorang disana yang kayanya nggak meminginkan gue lagi. “Kenapa gue, zuk?”. “Ya gue ngak tau, emang kita baru deket, tapi gue sayang”. Setelah banyak berdebat, Zuko akhirnya mutusin buat pergi juga. Typical boy abissss. Haahaha tp hal yang ngebuat gue loncat, tengah2 malem, dia terus sms gue, dan maksa gue bales sms dia, “Brey, plis bls sms gue yang ini, okay nggapapa lu nggak bisa milih gue, tapi plis jangan jauhin gue, gue ngga bisa jauh dr lo brey”. DARI SINI, Aubrey dan Zuko terus keep in touch, Zuko selalu ada di waktu gue ngga punya siapa2. Entertaining dan lovable. Zuko……...sering banget gue sakitin, berapa kalipun dia nyoba nyatain yang dia rasain buat gue, gue terus menghindar, karna gue takut, dia bakal melakukan hal yang sama kaya Davin. Biarpun begitu, Zuko masih terus datang ke kehidupan gue, membuat gue kembali bermimpi. Davin pun masih membuat gue naik turun naik turun. Tapi 1 hal yang bisa gue simpulkan,

Zuko, sosok aneh yang memang perlahan pergi dari kehidupan gue, tapi nggak akan pernah hilang dimata gue. Sisi kosong gue yang selalu dia isi ngga akan pernah bisa gue lupain gitu aja. Biarpun gue terlihat nggak peduli dan nggak merasakan apa-apa, Zuko, if only you could understand and see, because I still want you close. Bukan dongeng Twilight, bella Jacob dan Edward, bukan. Ini soal beberapa hal yang lo buat gue rasain."

Seandainya lo di posisi Aubrey, apa yang bakal lo lakuin?

Bingung gue denger cerita ini. Tp dr ilustrasi itu, gue belajar 1 hal, jangan pernah jadiin seseorang atau siapapun itu untuk berada terlalu dekat dengan lo. Karna ingat, seseorang ngga bisa menyakiti lo kalau dia ngga berada dekat dengan lo. Dan yg terakhir, nggak semua cinta bisa terwujud. Nggak semua cinta bisa happy ending. Wkt lo sayang sama orang, sacrifice smthg big to knock her/his heart.................

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cerita si lebah.

besok gue post! ato bsk2 nya lagi. support gue

how can i?

How does it feel when you realize that, you can't have that person you're in love with?

How does it feel knowing that your relationship will fail?

How does it feel knowing that your relationship lasts shorter than forever?

How does it feel pretending to be okay when everything you have inside is breaking?

How does it feel when you fail on trying to forget what you have heard?

How does it feel when you know for sure, sooner or later it's over?

How do you feel?

How do you feel when you know exactly something bad is going to happen to you and, no one can help you?

How do you feel if you are in my shoes, right now?

How do you feel when thoes memories cross your mind over and over while what you're trying to succeed doing is forgetting everything?

Does it break your heart?
Does it just crack a little?
Do you fear.... losing someone?
Do you just believe that life is always good?

How do you feel if you know that he/she would give up on you?

Are you still looking forward for a happy ending? Will you quit?

Are you okay with it?

You know a BIG wall is standing tall and strong between you and him and there's no way to be together without breaking the wall. What's it in your mind right now?

Because, i don't feel really good right now

Something hit my head and i'm like being over-reacting now

All i ever wanted was to be completely yours...


Thursday, March 24, 2011

good job, instax

Janet Abigail; Ezra Goldameir Romaito
just sharing, we're just kids. kids love posing
and if you like photo-hunting? hey it's the same here. we do too

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today i learned

that...........we have to


Friday, March 18, 2011

I hope you know

I found this on Tumblr!!! But this is so damn true...........

"Yes, I'm scared. Yes, I'm jealous. I'm scared that you think she's pretty. I'm scared that you will find her more interesting. I'm scared that you will think she's so much better than me. I'm scared that you might leave me soon. And yes I'm jealous that she gets to see you. I'm jealous that you talked to her. I'm jealous that you had fun with her. I'm scared. I'm jealous. But that's only because you mean a lot to me."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Numbers are just numbers

when you're in love
no matter how old or young that person is
you'd go for it
and take all risks
40 year-old or 16 year-old
40 and 16 are just numbers
and they dont change a thing

when you are with someone you'd like to spend your time with
you'd forget to eat bcs all you do is looking in their eyes
even when the time strikes 2 in the morning
you still think that it's not enough
2 is just a number

when you want someone so bad
and tho it seems like that person's not into you
you would wait
tho it takes longer than 6 months or years
you just would.
6 is just a number

when you're in a relationship
and it's like meant to be
no matter how long you've been together
tho you two fight a lot, you suffer, you end up crying yourself to sleep
even 2? 4? 8? years are still short for you to feel the love you'd die for

and maybe, you'd like to spend your forever with that person you're thinking right now when you read this post :)

but numbers matter in....the papers inside your wallet. i know :P

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hello. As we all know, kemaren Jepang tertimpa musibah besar. Shitloads of people died. Others are lost. And some hurt. Kita mungkin nggak bisa berbuat banyak, kecuali berdoa. Doa 1 menit, dari 1 orang berguna.

Pray = Power

Mari kita berdoa untuk Jepang, jangan cuma berduka.

Oh iya, barusan, gue dapetin BM ttg Jepang yang menyalahkan kalo Jepang menyembah Dewa Matahari. Personally, bukan saat nya ngejudge Jepang, mereka punya kepercayaan dan pasti ada sejarah dan latar belakang kenapa mereka seperti itu.

Pray and support
Dont start stating something you don't really understand :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


this isn't that cheap. since gue harus luangin waktu + tenaga buat kerjain ini
dan bahan yang ga bisa gue beli dalam jumlah kecil:(
since i have to find it on my own.
nobody helps too.
price upon request and bahan

i give some space for you to write down how you feel

i successfully made this pop up :-)

this is the cover

this is another pop up

i framed their photos and on the left side, i put her photos and a greeting

you could open that quote and put your couple's photo

if you open the page that flying texts would go up :)

you could open the sky blue page and see some photos
on the right page, there is a pic of earth and a quote.
and your photos
i put a quote up there too:D
and well that photo was floating.. gue make mika soalnya biar fotonya naik

ini angka 11 pake bahan flanel dilapisi stik plus sprinkles :)
yang ini jg foto2nya nimbul
the air balloon di samping gue buat sendiri :)
semacam patch work gitu

kalo lo baca quote nya pasti deeh ngerti kenapa kalo foto gue dibuka isinya foto devaraa

balon2 itu jg gue buat sendiri hehee. tulisan love nya timbul :D
payung di sebelah kiri juga timbul
biar ada efek 3 D
sama aja kaya yg foto bawahnyaa

foto gue sama Deva backgroundnya buatan
dan kepala gue + dia sama2 nongol biar ada efek 3D jg :)

nah kalo ini emang susah. mahal juga framenya dr kayu.. isinya scrap2 gitu. plus foto2 gue. beserta quote dan sticker2 berbentuk lucu yang plis susah nemunya heehee

Kalo berminat bisa langsung add BBM gue 21E0640A
customers only =)

i spent 150RP di yg frame itu. Kalo yg scrap book my customers spent 150 - 200. depends on request and bahaaannnn
Pop Up
Open Up
Hand-Up Album + Caption
I will do my best :)


Buka jasa hand-made gift:-) semacam scrap gitulaah tp buatan tangaan.
Yang pada sibuk ato bingung mau kasih hadiah lucu apa buat mama papa pacar sahabat ato lg anniv ato birthday mungkin. Kalo mau liat bbrp sample bisa add pin bbm gue =) hehee


Requirement: customers only =)