Thursday, September 18, 2008

no end

i don't know who am i now? i mean, what i mean to other people! it seems like my life belongs to be broken. every time i get what i want, just a while just with one wink act, it is all taken back again!!! ouuuuh men this pain has no end.

"nih ya gue kan tadi denger gitu nyet katanya gue udah putus sumpah otak gue serasa meledaaaak saking sakitnya sampe mati rasa nih gue. malu gue kalo di tny lovelife ny gmn blahblablah! pas gue tny kata dia enggak, tp di kacangin lagi!!! yang namanya sayang itu ga bakal sanggup ngacangin terus maksut dia apaaan? alah cuma mau milikin aja knp harus di iket kayak gini sih? gile yaaa tragis banget nih idup gue terus terusan. hooo udah ngalah teteeep aja di pojokin. slh apa gue sama lo......."

this day is so boring, there's nothing special! um, since there's no more love beat ya....... "i'm here alone, didn't wanna leave" ciyeh gue dengerin si chris brown nihhh. ck i'm not the only one to be hurt deh ya come on baby. i want you to be mineeeeee :'(

i think that today will be a new day, haa honestly, it's everyday, i feed myself with lies "it will be okay janet, he will come back, it will be okey just fine yaya so on" then i try to run from the truth from reality, what i get? just unbareable pain! just a little part of a different taste of pain. uhhhh i'm tired. i wish i could leave you alone!!! alone alone alone and i wish i could live without you. but all i feel is just i miss you so muccccch. karma karma? yaaa whatever. i really want you back rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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