Tuesday, September 16, 2008

best buddy bear {HONESTLY}

hey buddy! do you remember me? ck, i miss you a lot meeen! you're my best buddy bear ever :p
we are frieeeeeeeeeends! all the way all the time, then let me help you to think straight

it hurts to see you go from our side. from your bestfriends from your classmates and me! i love my remember-whens. now you seems so far from us. you choose not to be with us, your playmates. you choose not to laugh with us together anymore. i know you're now in the happiness scope, but don't forget us....

remembering long ago, ou men that hurts!
our remember whens:
-- i went to your house with M and playing with J, my goshhh! i miss it
--i fought with A and friends, then the ones who were by my side were you and yer friends, i was the only girl there
--we were palying futsal with them for many times
--we were playing basketball and futsal at our school in saturday and then went to McD
--we went to pim and play together at your birthday
--we played at M's house then i pushed you to A's bed then we played tickle-each-other! i remember you can't stop laughing when i tickled your tummy hihi
--we met at tendencies, then we chose a shirt and we ate es campur with C
(come on neeeeet!///i can't it's hard to remember it all)
--when i fought with H, you were by my side, and you want to take it all away!
--when we went to (........) it was fun buddy really!
--when you went to my house
--when we were talking about porn with our friends
--when we were going to..........
--when we were playing fight fight fight and kick kick hit!!!!
--when we hug each other to warm our soul...........
--then every single day i spend with all of you! you and them........

that's what friends are for!!!

but now, when i just sat by your side, it wasn't the same. that day she judged me. she hates me! just because we're so close. i love you i miss you WE love you WE miss you in the scope of friendship
and we hope you're not changing too much and not leaving us forgetting us and ya whatever
we miss the old-time you!!! we don't wanna lose you

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