Friday, September 12, 2008

Friends are everything

Friends are everything!!! that statement is exactly, totally true. 100 points hit! Okay because i'm already sick of this boredom. i'll tell you who are my friends my only ones

My Sunshines, i get Marsha! she is an arabian-faced and fun. she's like my twins. and i need her a lot :'( then, i get Raisha Nur Amalia, she's my girlfriend.... just kidding haha crispy isn't it? she's so kewl and so thumbs-up! i also get Maya! she has the same feeling as me, being hurted and trashed, all the sameeee. she's my old friend too. i get Irma! she's beautiful-- well, actually My Sunshines are all beatiful, amazingly their faces are painted by angels :'). she's nice too and she is strong minded hehe

I love you guys
My Rainbows, i have Tia cvc in here, Tia is so loved hihi. She's smart and kind that's the reason i love to call her my friend, also Vera. i have....... Deea! she has the same lifestory like me, broken and forgotten. ou men! keep on moving ya dee, i loveyou. Kak Sheila-> she is my wonderwoman :p hihi even if i never met her before she act so sweet. My pretend brothers, my "special" pretend brothers are Faqi and Gordy, they're friends of rengga. they are both so kind, they help me to face any problems i get during this hard times.
Thankiss ya
My PLASTICS- Cvc, Berdina my sayang, who has the same hurtful life, Tiwi my beautiful tall model, Mozza my bule arab, Wiza my gaul cabe rawit, Wine my basketball sweety, Diba my cheerleading baby, Syela my cutest pig hahah and Taqia my sexy-ou-men
My Five Stars Rated, #15 11 PT, Reja Aster Cella Dimas Enrico, Kak- Ranny Gita Sasmi Adinda Cleo ASHA ANIMATA (my sayang sayang) Thaya Julie Diba and Kak- Yo Dirga Aryo Arya Azka Dira Anitha PEDRO-CEEL Bernando and all of my Wiwtm

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