Friday, September 12, 2008

PS I miss you

all i want to tell
all i want to say

I miss you

if i mean something special to you, i really hope that you don't mind to hold me tight :')
if there is one reason between you-and-me, you don't feel the way we felt
for sure, i'm no aim to hurt you. i just love you too much. i'm too proud. but lies you made up are now showing up. i can't say one thing just to confess what i did. i'm shocked of what you have done.

you promised not to leave me alone. you wanted to mend this broken heart. what a lie! you made me believe. and what a stupid girl you are Janet! like i told you, i won't hurt you, i won't leave you and i won't break you down! i complete my mission. i miss you like mad, i'm sorry i can't lie about this. i need to learn how can you do this to me? i feel guilty about forcing you to stay. i'm fuckin hell spelled!!! i can't get you out of my mind.

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