Friday, September 12, 2008

day of the damn!

iouuuuu like i told you i'm totally bored.....................
i'm waiting for any message which enter my phone's signal hahaha. i hope it is from him (nope)
i check my phone and guess what my bunny misscalled me.............. Aster Vinnie si cantik. i guessed that it was iqbal who said 'call you later net'. totally wrong! nowadays i've been facing my days w-i-t-h-o-u-t rengga. i don't even know wher he is. yaya what can i do? just wait. remembering june 30th. it must be painful ya? hhh so it's better to forget it, just this days. justin said what goes around comes around. when will my turn comes?

Just help me, i'm mentally broken
i'd like to thank my friends, all of them are fuckin crazy. what i learn is how to let go. rengga please come back and hold my hands okay? we could be together.hhhh just enough day-dreamer! ck, ou men today Aster goes to Penabur, different from me. i'm stuck here all alone with no friends, just my silly little naughty sister, Josi
xoxo, Janet

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