Thursday, April 30, 2009

My pals

“That’s what friends are for……”

Yeah it means a lot to me. For my best friends also. Banyak banget temen2 gue dr yang lebih tua sampe yang seumuran jadi ga terlalu deket, yang tadinya kea kakak adek pisah rumah kea gue Marsha Ardi sama Andika, sekarang walk in a separate way. Udah kepisah jauh dan gue kangeeeeeeeeeeeen banget :’(((

Gue sama Marsha Ardi Andika itu dulu pas liburan sekolah main tiap hari, dari pagi sampe malem dari tangerang sampe Jakarta, dari alay sampe gaul semua dijabanin, kita sebenernya ga Cuma berempat ada temen Andika sama Ardi juga, temen lama mereka lah yang juga mantan gue hah ague gak enak buat seenak jidat nyebut nya. Nah terus kan gue ketemu lagi bareng mereka bertiga, maigattttttt!!?!?! What the hell meeen, I’m happy. Seneng banget bisa main ketawa2 sambil kata2an lagi hahah, sekarang gue Marsha Andika sama Ardi juga yang 1 lagi udah pada taken semua, dulu diantara kita tuh Cuma gue sama dia yang taken, nahhh sekarang begitu semuanya ketemu lagi kita udah pada punya pacar dooong. Harapan gue sih gue marsha andika ardi bisa deket lagi kea dulu, bisa saling terbuka tentang kehidupan masing2, kea keluarga, kayak dulu, dket banget. Maigattt pengen nangis deh kalo inget dulu tuh gak ada garing2nya, kocak banget kalo bercanda.

Marsha Anne

Muhammad Ardi

Andika Gusti

Joa abis deh tuh nama bertiga, ayo dong main lagi jangan kayak gini sombong2an, biar sekarang yang deket Cuma kita berempat aja, dia nya udah ga main sama kita lagi udahlah, ya kan ada jazz putih ye kaaan mar huahauah, cadas cadas deh yaao lu. Marsha tuhanak mantek cailah, Ardi sekarang mobil ape motor nih? Kalo andika…. Ya motor dong hahah inget ga sih dulu kita kalo main ke blafa terus muter bintaro naik motor, haha kocak deh. Terus inget ga kita berlima, dari ancol, terus lu bertiga yoga-yogaan di belakang sama teriak2 gitu, terus kita nyanyi bintang kecil hahaha, sumpeh ye kocak gila gue ngingetnya, sebenernya sih banyak yang gue inget dr kita dulu, malah baju sampe sepatu yang suka lu pada pake gue juga inget, gue masih inget bau bau badan lo pada, terus tingkah lo semua muka lucu lo semua kalo lagi marah sama ngambek anjingggg gemes gue kangen banget. Sekarang kita jarang banget ketemu, sedih naujubileh loh gue, serius nih. Gue PENGEN bisa kea dulu biar sekarang kita Cuma berempat ya doain aja lah siapa tau dia mau main2 sama kita lagi, doain lah semoga dia inget sama kita berempat ya wuakakak. Oiya 1 hal lagi yang ngebuat gue ganjel, hm waktu kita foto berempat,

*Marsha bilang: hmmm foto ini udah lengkap ya tapi kurang 1 orang lain lagi….*

Itu ngiris hati banget, gua yang kayak –hah yaudah lah mau gimana dia udah dunianya beda sama kita, ga selugu kita lagi. Gue ngerti banget sih yang namanya individu punya keputusan masing2, tp gue ga bakal pernah lupain ya 1bulan kita abisin waktu bareng, hohhh gua sayang sama lu pada udah kea adek gue sendiri dan jg kakak gue, gue tua ke dua sihhh ah tp paling dewasa gue ya kaan:P yauda lah ini aja mungkin, kalo lo semua baca, thank youuuu ya guys:) jangan lupain gue, usahain kita terus sama sama heheh, take careeeee oo.

foto2nya gue minta marsha later aaawch

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kemang rollers

Places mentioned: PIM, Lil Baghdad, Lollita’s Little Café

Persons involved: Maya, Tasha, Ria, Tasya, Ria, Tiwi, Wine, Dimas Aga, Qodry, Arya, the others

What did I wear?: Tank top, lacey outwear, buttoned waisted skirt, sneakers, bangles, mickey’s red pants necklace ;pp

Day til drop:

I went to Maya’s house, at 1pm and I met Ria there, Tasha also and we waited for Tia. After that we went to our first desination, PIM. Her driver dropped us there and drove Maya to her course, haha actually Maya lied to him, her ex picked her up there and brought her to PIM. We met again in PIM, while I had to meet Dimas at the food court. So we went to the upper level and reached the food court, and I saw Dimas, he was with Aga and Qodry. They told me that Tiwi was right in-front of Tamani Café with Wine, so I walked a lil bit quicker. Said hello to Tiwi and Wine. Yihea, we talked laughed and made fun of each others, and dimas started to make funny silly face and I just wanted to hit it hahaha, he act like he’s annoying, and the fight began when I said I have to go to Kemang so I couldn’t watch movie with em, I’ve to skip it. he started to groan and act spoiled, and… ANNOYING! He kept saying “if you dare to go to Kemang, let’s see what will happen then” over and over. I asked “do you have any reason?” he said he wouldn’t permit me no matter what. He put on his damn unpleasant face. And you know what? We kept fighting, in 21 Cinemas, and in-front of its front gate. Shit man! He was a real annoying, he gave a bitch about Kemang, and my mind just told me, just go and have fun with your girls. I thought so, since what advantage I got if I still there and just being pointed at the wrong side? The fun part is we teased each other like “anjing tai asu and others” (CENCORED PART). We talked in high-pitched and f*ckin faces and grinned and other kinds of ugly expressions. I still laughed and he was mad yeahhh I gotcha dim. We debated on who’s wrong or right and we fought there. The point is he just wanted to have a nice hang with me after we didn’t meet for a long time.

And I just went to Kemang with Maya Ria Tasha and Tia and I ignored Dimas, WELL, I know it wasn’t right so I cried in taxi ;pp oh yea?... I hated dimas a lot! He called and talked, not a chill out ones I was sure. And after we talked on the phone over and over and he got it over when I hadn’t finish my words. I was like oh shit ass what have he done? Okay then, have fun and bye. We arrived at Kemang and stayed at Little Baghdad to get a drink and some snacks. And after that we went to the other side, Lollita’s Little Café and drink another drinks. And Tasya called me, she has arrived there and asked me to meet her outside. I went out and met her and brought her in and introduced her. We’ve reserved table for 7.30pm on my name in Little Baghdad to have some crazy smoky haze, the beauties went there and caught some fun, taking photos and sharing stories and gossiping. At 8 passed 30 maybe, we went home and dropped Ria to her house and Tia also.

There were Me, Tasha (picked up by her parents) and Maya left, we reached Maya’s house and I changed my clothes there, bcs I had to sleep over her house and oh frivolity it’s a cute night. When midnight came, me and maya still up late to browse hotties hahaha and gossiped. When we finally signed everything off, we went to Agis’s room and took some photos and talked. SUDDENLY, my phone rang----> “Who’s calling? Maybe it’s Dimas” I said to maya and she said “yeah maybe” AND yeah, I was absolutely right, we fought and talked with gue-elo and rude words for a long time, and I was like giving up and I thought it was the time to break up, I mean, we were going to get it over. And when he explained what it feels like the one you loved don’t give a damn about you? and act like don’t care? Woho, I know now. I was really sorry about yesterday and I asked for forgiveness and yeah well we’re still together until now,even it was a bad bad bad bad condition to survive. We fought a little hardcore in talks, but we still know we love each other<3>

After that war, Me and Dimas talked and laughed as usual and seems like there was nothing bad happened. Maya was on the phone with someone mysterious and I don’t know who, til now. Dimas and I talked for about 3 hours or more if I’m not mistaken since 11pm or 11 passed something, and when I started to be sleepy and very sleepy he asked his duty to accompany me sleeping, awkayyy then, he accompanied me until…. 4am or less. He’s kind, really, I regretted of what I did, and I guess I’m a cute selfish one, right, Dim? Hm….. bye we slept and in the morning, Tasha came to join Maya and me of going to church, we went there and praise the Lord and went home safely happily ever after

Now, it’s almost 12pm, I have to go to sleep, I’ve hung on the phone with my talkative bunny and bye bloggy, see you next post

PS: yang pada UAN, sukses yaaa ;))


Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey Dimas <3

his phone has no credit left to call me, so let me greet him here ;pp

you know what? when i opened dimas' facebook account and i found many changes
-His prof. pict
-His "About Me"

yeah i've told him i wanted those pict to be his prof. pict

and his status--- the same
In a Relationship with Janet Abigail
he's about me-- the red higlighted area becomes "janet"
my ex never did something like that to me

Monday, April 13, 2009

hari ini tangga l2 April 2009. Yoi cuy sekarang easter, selamat paskah ya semua, may God’s sacrifice will also wash away your sins.

(Gue males buka internet gitchu, yaudah so I just typed this post in Microsoft word and copy paste this shit to blogger. Hm just pretend that I typed this last day okay.)

Last morning, I went to church with my family including my aunt, we went there, like, half to 4am. The last night before that, I was hanging on the phone….. and we had fun and laughter as always, but today I don’t why I feel something’s not right and yeah it feels wrong as it will be, I don’t know why but I just don’t think this thing… will survive. Sorry to say that but we’re…. kinda different. You and I, sounds strange and feels different and taste tasteless. Ah elah udah kenapa gue jadi ngemeng begini sih. So the tale begins, gue ke gereja pagi banget sama family gue, gue ngantuk banget padahal tp yaaa cmon it’s easter, gue semangat2 aja biarpun agak2 kosong dan sepi ya eheeeem, gue duduk di sayap sebelah kiri bangunan gereja gue yang kokoh keren dan ah gitu lah, lanjut, gue duduk sederet sama maya, gery, bona, agis, sementara beberapa barisan depan gua ada si potter kempot cs gua huhaha, dia sama bokap nyokap dan adek nya, di sayap kanan atas ada beberapa temen gue, hhh kita semua kepecah belah deh, buuuuut, ibadah tetep berjalan dengan khidmat, full with grace, kita nonton teater passion of the Christ ala gereja disertai dengan hmmm beberapa scene dr passion of the Christ itu sendiri, disitu ada mike mohede yang nyumbang lagu sama anak anak sekolah minggu yang pada nyanyi terus ada jg yg main gitar. Well that’s cool. Haha waktu ibadah gue sama maya banyak ngemeng2 gitu lah ngigaawwwww ya may ga jelas dan agak sembrono, sementara bona, matanya udah 5watt, wkwkw, pas dia kea ketiduran gitu gue gangguin dan alhasil dia nyoba buat ga ketiduran lagi gitu ye hm, pas gue noleh ke sekitar gue, gue udah ngitung ada 4 orang yang tidur buahahah, heeey kalo gitu kira2 segereja ada berapa yang tidur? Hhh sekitar jam 6 gereja gue selesai dan kita nyari makan dong pake kupon yang udah disertakannnz. Gue Cuma ngambil makannya aja, minum nya? Beh penuh kopi nya bukan cappuccino atopun vanilla late atopun milk coffe, hahah mintanya banyak dah lu. Maya nyamperin ortu nya, dan gue disamperin si melody hahaha, gue hug dia abis itu happy easter, terus yang paling gue inget ya ehem ehem dia blg “iiih kok lu mirip renad sih?” bahaha hello bagusan dia kali drpd gue, kumel banget gue mel……. Yak abis itu gue pulang same family dan…………….. jam 9 orang2 sebuah gereja dating ke rumah gue untuk minjem rumah gue dijadiin tpt acara wkwkw. Yoi jam 11 acaranuya dimulai dan anak2 sekolah minggu gitu yang dtg, org2 gereja, anak2 pemuda jg dating yihi ada yg ganteng;p lumayaaan cuci mata abis yang itu tuh gatau kemana. Mereka make ruang tamu gue buat acara haha mereka lesehan gitu sofa2 gue dipinggirin semua, yaa sekitar 45 orang lebih muat di dalem ruang tamu gue. Yang anak2 kecil pada kocak gitu ya ibadahnya bisik2 apa segala, oiya anak2 PT nya jg dtg lohhh, dan guess what? Gue ketemu temen TK gue wkwk, joa nostalgia dah.

What did they do?

Mereka main eggs hunt di lapangan dan halaman rumah gue hahaha, ada yang dapet 1-4. Ada yg ga dapet wkwkw. Gilak biar lagi panas ya mereka enjoy aja, abis itu mereka makan dan ada games2 lagi, lomba kreatifitas, terus lomba tebak gambar, tebak lagu sama apalgi gatau. Hm sekitar jam stgh 4 mereka pulang gitu dikit demi sedikit gr2 acaranya udah selesai. Pertama-tama anak2 nya dulu abis itu baru kakak layan nya, sebelum kakak layan itu pulang ada yg namanya kak leo kunci motornya ilang buaakakak ya pada sebagian nyari sebagian lagi main mini billiard. Dari situ mereka pulang dan lagi2, rumah gue sepi huaa…………

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What makes me fat?

you need to know why my body is soooooooo massive like this!@#$% hahaha lol, it's too much, not too massive but not skinny. hm i eat!!! ya of course girl, human eat! these are my favorite foods:

  • Baked Macaroni added with melted cheese, served warm and with chilli sauce, yummy
  • Yupi Gummy Candy, this one is my favorite candy of all time!!! i can eat one big pack just in 5 minutes or less..................
  • Ginger Sweets, i can eat this thing, 10 per serving
  • Lasagna, i can't bear my lust!!! my gosh, lasagna is so yummy
  • Seafood Fried Rice, yummy and so Indonesian :)
  • Teler Ice or Mixed Ice, especially using Vanilla Milk sluuuurrrp....
  • My maid's Kangkung!!! huuuu this food is delicious and i just want to bring my own food to school as long as i get this veggie
  • Vegetabled with Orak-arik Egg! tastyyyy and healthy
  • Fruit Salad ;33
  • Vanilla Ice Cream, all kind of ice creams!!!!
  • Chocolate bar!!!! Cadbury and others
  • Tahu Tempe!! try it, fry it with egg mixed with flour.
  • Risoles! with cheede and mayo
  • Vanilla Milkshake :333333333333
  • MILK!!!!!!!!
  • Crackers: Malkist, Gery
  • Biscuit: Goodtime!!! Cookies
  • Coconut iceeee with milk
  • Root Beer
  • honestly, red wine makes me crazy with it taste but what can i do if someone doesn't allow me to consume it
  • Waffleeeeeee with vanilla ice cream and no topping
  • Cupcakes, Soes, argggggh i'm starving
  • Otak-otak!!!!!
  • I love Indonesian Food!!!
  • Pizza, 5 cheese Pizza by Sarpino's especially
  • Steaaaaak!!!!!!
just stop.


1. Tia dan Evan, 8 April 2009 :3
joa selamat ya buat sahabat dan classmate gue yang akhirnya jadian ahaha. adek gue yang rada2 six sense gitu blg "ya tia bakal dapet tp ga terlalu cepet jg gak terlalu lama ya pas lahhhh" tia nanya itu ke adek gue udah ada 1 blnan apa lebih ya ti gue lupa yang pasti ya Tia-Evan dicomblangin nya sama~~~ gue, vera, adji, angky!!!
hm mereka juga keliatan nya seneng, di tambah lagi cara Evan nembak kocak banget, anak2 bilingual sampe ketawa ngakak ngeliat tingkah nya Evan terus sama Evan teriak apa aja gitu deh parah cool sweet and touchy **thumbs up! semoga awet ya lu bedua....... ah disini gue ga bisa cerita gimana Evan nembak Tia, masalahnya kan itu pribadinya mereka hahah selamat mencari tau guys

2. Fat Burning
yap gue masih dalem rangka ngecilin badan gue yang super duper gedeeeee banget ini!!! ini lah beberapa muka gue dan gaya gue mandi keringet abis olah raga a.k.a jogging and boxing

----yoa ini baju berhasil ngebuat gue tambah keringet!!!

----yaa gaya juga doong net!

----yeah yang ini sokkkkkk

----gue suka foto ini! kenapa? karena....ini ngebuat gue dan adek gue mikir, kok mirip onad HUAHAHAH

3. today ;33
today nyokap sama bokap gue mau ke mangga dua benerin ps kayaknya. nahh gue sama adek gue si Josi ikuttt. terus, Joan, dia malah mau ke bintaro plaza nonton Monsters vs Aliens --yahaa gue juga mau nontoooon ini!!! begitu di jalan, gue ngantuk banget, gue sama Josi tidurrr dan gue bangun pas udah sampe di Mangga II, dan you know whatttt!!!!! Mangga II Tutup, ya tau lahhh namanya lagi pada nyontreeeeng hahaah yaudah deh balik lagi kita keliling kota tua kata nyokap gue sayang udah jauh2 malah langsung balik, nyokap gue ngasih tau tpt2 yang lama2 dan tempat makan yang enak2 gitu deeh. huaa keren ya Jakarta bener salut gue ternyata banyak banget tempat yang keren2!!! abis itu kita makan dulu di Megaria, huyuuu gue makan baso pake pangsit sama es teleeer yummmy, adek gue makan nasgor sama es jeruk, bokap gue nasgor esteler, nyokap gue makannya....nasgor juga berdua sama bokap wkwkwk, mesra yaaaa ga sihhh

pulang dari situ, begitu mau ke mobil nihhh ya, bokap gue inget sama..... Ibu Sudjana hahah gue gatau nulisnya gimana, hmm jadi dulu bokap gue sempet tinggal di Menteng nah tentangga nya sama beliau (okay biar gampang gue panggil eyang aja yaa), anak2 nya eyang itu temen2 nya papa hehehe. bokap gue singgah ke rumah eyang di menteng yang digolongin bangunan C, alias bangun yang ga boleh rubah karena dianggep memiliki ciri khas Batavia jaman belanda hihihi, suer yaa rumah nya eyang lucu banget banyak banget barang antiknya, hm kata mama papa dulu rumah eyang sering banget di pake shooting film2 jadoel ;pp eyang kayanya seneng banget kita kunjungin hhh sedih deh eyang cuma sendiri, anak2 nya udah pada punya keluarga masing2, tadi gue sempet mikir lohhhh kira2 gue kalo udah tua apa di tinggal sendiri juga hhhh ga mau gue terlupakan wkwkwkwk. gue bokap nyokap adek dan mbak gue kan di rumah eyang sampe sore, kita ngobrol2 gitu deh pokoknya, abis itu gue sama josi main2 sama ya foto2 gitu mumpung viewnya azekkk wkwwkk. hm dari situ kita pergi jemput joanna di bintaro plaza gitu deeh, heehe gawl bener yak, tp yaudahlah oke nonton2 doang mah ga mesti mahal yang penting senengnya, yappppi di situ belanja bentar abis itu go homeeee deh haahha. ah capek ntr gue upload deh foto2 gue sama adek gue di rumah eyang okaaay, byee bloggy <3>

ini foto sebelum berangkattt kira2 this is my outfit

Looking Forward: Easter :D:D:D:D
: don't forget to go to church and pray

Today's buy: Converse Ox and Motorbike Vest

Monday, April 6, 2009

Old-times words i won't forget

hey bloggy, yeahhh gue mau ngepost kata2 aneh gue newwwwch ahahah puisi alay berbahasa kyuttt. yang kebanyakan gue buat pas lagi jadian sama mantan2 gue atopun sm pcr gue, congratss ya pada jadi inspirasi gua wkwkwk

don't copy or paste anything from this page ya!!!!!

ga jelas dan yahh sedih gue ngebuatnya:
i pray we will always be together and never be apart
forever we will laugh and cry
forever i will love you til i die
since we've been together i know one thing is true
and never will i let go

i'm sorry i wasn't there when you need me and sorry for all the pain that i've put on you (HAHAHAAH)

since you're my only reason i will wait for four seasons. i can't get over you. but you almost reach the serene place without me. help me get over you, even it just be the fire to burn, a fire to burn, a wind to blow, a rain to wash, a blood to proove, a word to find, it is you. it's not enough to erase. you let me down by showing an empty case of hope, this heart has no beat until the day you say hello. the mirror i broke, they disappeared to find your face, yu told me not to cry but you make my tears fall. we don't learn by smiling but by suffering. and i will catch you falls even when you went away after you gave our remember-whens' a shot to be remembered
(asuuu enek dah haahahaha)

can i still hold you as tigt as you wanted
and make the wasted time becomes meaningless
and i won't let it die
can i still kiss me the same
and be the one who kill my shame
because when the time stops
i will die without a doubt
but when you hold me as usual
please tell me, your time for me is endless
-->okay2 gue buat pas berantem sama lu dim, iseng2 berhadiah bgt kanssss
ah ini dulu ah wordart gueeee byeee, awas lu yang ngopy ya fuck


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Words of the days

"Don't tell them how hurt it is, just walk as the time rains the acid fluid on you. When you reach the final place, you'll just be proud of what you have been through and how tough you are."

"Someday, your future will meet you in the end of the road. There will be a new beginning and a new story. Don't forget to keep your past in the box to lead you to a better place"
(okay i'm doing that. i'll pack and my past and face tomorrows)

"Sometimes, you let them down. Just learn how to muster them up!"

Friday, April 3, 2009

maaf dimas

ya malem ini gue gak ada dimas.
gatau kenapa, mungkin.....
dimasnya masih marah sama gue.
dimasnya lagi males sama gue.
dimasnya tiba-tiba sebel sama gue.
dimasnya capek sama gue.
dimasnya masabodo sama gue.

hah banyak lah ga mesti gue sebutin satu-satu prediksi gue dimas kenapa. mungkin gara-gara cara ngomong gue dan emang omongan gue tadi kasar ya dim. gue lagi gak otp lo nih jadi gue gak bise ngomong ya yaudah deh emang secara publik kalo gue tulis disini, tp ya mau gimana deh abis susah gue sms jg lo ogah-ogahan bales. gue tuh marah banget dim pas tau lo kea gitu sumpah gue marah banget, gue marah bukan yang main2 apa gimana, reaksi gue gak hyperbol gue rasa, you lied to me and you broke your promise to me. dulu gue juga gitu tuh diboongin tapi gak bisa tuh gue marah gue nya biasa aja malah, gak marah segitu nya dim gr2 hm mereka smoking. lah sama lo, kenapa gue marah banget. pertama, lo boongin gue. kedua, lo lupa janji lo. ketiga, lo ngelak. keempat, ya gara2 gue sayang sama lo, gue peduli dim. mungkin gara-gara gue emosi gue ngomong banyak banget hal yang lo gak suka, dan nada bicara gue juga gak kekontrol, eits jangan gitu lu abis otp lu nangis juga gue haha nyesel ngomel2 nggak enak sama lo blablbla. emang sih gue mesti jg pernah boong sama lo, tp gue gak pernah boong buat nutupin braking promise. gue gitu juga ngaku minta maaf. gue salah emang ngomong kasar banget demi deh ya,maaf tp emang itu gue dengan keadaan super emosi!!! untung aja itu kebun binatang dan something pervert gak keluar dr mulut gue. soalnya gue tau gue lagi ngomong sama lo dim. jangan marah lagi ya dim, adek gue blg dia sense something different from you, gue gatau apa tp semoga gak ada yang berubah parno juga kan gue, hhh gua gakmau dim gue sama lu sama tuh kea si ehem, udah gakmau lagi gue kea gitu. serius ya dim gue sampe kepikiran nih, gak bisa tidur. ah asuuuu, senjata makan tuan deh gue, marah2in lo eh malah panik sendiri. tp yaudalah gue jg udh mnt maaf soal di maafin apa engga, soal gimana nya bsk2 gue bener2 lepas tangan dim................................................................., suer ga ngerti lagi gue. but for sure, i don't joke with lies okay honey, remember that! kapok gue di boongin mulu, dikadalin mulu dr dulu. yaudahlah gue jg keanya ngocol sih ye, hm take care ya dim, jgn marah lagi sama aku. okay2 byee have a nice sleep there. bahah gak bisa bales omongan aku sih lo, tp yaudahlah kali kali ya dim lo ngga bales, daa sayang. loveya

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trash this scary lullaby above

"fuck, i have those thought already and it's just a head-banging for me and something relates to a shit i've thrown and just get back to my toes"

i get bored and tired of this kinda life, really. i'm bored, guys. there are nothing change, except becoming complex. i'm getting sick and just need some new fresh air. i saw something mixed with a half part of me and have just gone for a long time, damn! i've found dimas it's wonderful enough but i need another change, something like i wish i never knew that stuff before! i wish i could make it end and just stop whispering something unexplained, it just fucked my time and annoying ya know? can i just cry a while and can they just shut up their mouth and don't give a bitch about me. problems come up again with their company and they break my faith (sigh), i'm letting myself to get hyperbole, ah just let it comes out.

from monday to monday, what difference has entered my life? nothing, not another knock. i need to breathe and let go of the tyrannies, torment, past, bad stories and ah everything. let me reach something new and learn to be an independent unbreakable female!!!! (membara). erase my nightmares and ignore those so-whatever stuff. okay i'm waiting fr my first month with dimas and trying to enjoy the ride i mean my life.