Thursday, September 18, 2008


when love spreads their colors
i see your eyes
when love speaks to me
i hear your voice
when moon shines bright
i remember your shiny glasses
when i smell the flower
i smell your scent
but tonight, everything is different
your messages are not delivering again
your phonecalls are not here to fill my empty night
your goodnight, i love you is never heard again
your sealed with a kiss thing is not for me again

but do you know
i think i'm already trapped
i'm stuck with you
i can't get you out of my mind
i remember when you were whispering
to this ears
i remember things you don't even wanna know
they say love is just a game
but for me
love is about how to take care of the one you love most
hey boy, if you hear me calling
would you turn your back
then you call me back like this
"hey baby, sorry i don't mean to leave"
this pressure is taking me undercontrol
i can't even feel my own heart
funny isn't it
i'm shivering i'm crying i feel numb
love you tooo much


tia said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaampyun ini kau yang membuat?

Janet jnt said...

iyaaaaa tia ku sygggg huhu