Saturday, September 13, 2008

<3 ,you?

someday i will prove it to you. i am strong enough to enjoy this pain you gave
what will it takes to make you come back?
is it wrong to force you?
the days i spent
the life i walked through
are now going empty

the boy i think i know
is now changing
the young man i usually stared at
is now going away

no need to cry
i'm not that shy
no need to share
this pain i can't bare

enough on hurting
you turned on lying
enough on fighting
i turn on giving in

if i were to talk
i will say
it i knew the reason

i will be sorry
i will be guilty
don't turn your back
don't add your steps

look in my eyes if you dare
learn about me more
sure! you will understand
i try that hard to hold on

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