Thursday, September 18, 2008

and i miss you

i miss you
those three words i promise
will never end

i don't know how are you
what are you doing
where are you
and with who

when i look through your eyes
to see how beautiful is your eyes
you captured me
i'm paralyzed

i can't move my tongue to speak out any word i can. it hurts, and like the river.... my tears flow down, my tears fall down. i have no reason. but it's just feeling happy and feeling numb. i am drying my favorite shirt which is wetted by those bloody tears. it is so unfaithful. for me, it is so unfair. it's not easy to take my sight away from your face which usually i stared. not a million fight could make these feeling broken, i;ll just wait and see until you get back and bring me the pain reliever. so i can walk through it all. i really miss you to death. more than any people could possibly admit. the sunshine is just a cool breeze for me. i need you to warm up this soul.... when i was tied up at my fear, you set me free with your magical words, your magical words sounds so nice in my ears, it was echoing in my head. and when i was broken, you said you will mend this broken life. but the way you reflect it just by destroying again this untidy days. but i can't hide, i just miss you tooooo much. i miss your lies, your beautiful lies. i miss your naughty kisses and of course the scent of your body when we are hugging, i miss your voice a lot dear
love, j

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