Saturday, September 13, 2008

i'm sick of this

wow! you know what Rengga sent me a message says 'Janeet'
HA-HA funny Jane! i'm still chatting with Eja and there she is, Deea is back from taking a bath

Okay let me tell you something about my life, my life isn't that nice. Like hers, like his, like theirs, like yours. maybe it's just simple. take one step then try to make another then make another than make another until you aren't seen in this town. i mean you are far like heaven............ after that you try the forgetting part. this is so easy to talk that way. BUT when you try to, BOOOOOM! you will not even turn back. all you want is to come back. same like me, i can't do that move on part. just remeber if life seems hard it means you're not going with the flow. i'm sick of this story, movin on then playback time again and again. it is hurt, sure! i'm not okaaaaaay, i am not i am not an d i am not and i will not! until this revenge painted. ouh i'm burning!!!! i'm tired to be named as a bitch as a non-self-priced girl as a brainless girl! i am tired! hear me saying this! I HATE YOU, this is the last time and the first time too. got it!

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