Saturday, September 13, 2008

My long messy bang

here's my fucking face. hey hey take a look at my bang friend. isn't it long? i really want to cut this such of bang, but when? i planned it for a long time ago. ouuuh mom! mom! mom! take me to saloon please. i already sick of this bang. cut itttttttttt maaa. since i told you it has a bad effect to my eyes, you said 'yes yes yes' but when. i want prove mom! aaaaaa such a bad kid. i love my hair honestly. i regret i cut my long hair many months ago. huhu then i realize that hair is something awesome especially when you take care of it! now, i'm growing my hair long. ck, hopeless indeed, i thought why don't i take a short cut? maybe...... hair extensions? hahaha so barbie! but i choose not to extend my hair with those deadbody's hair. uuu scary right! just wait, when my hair grows longer, i'll show it to all of you.

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