Friday, September 12, 2008

waiting for something uncertain

hey i'm waiting for your message
.........your call, ck wanted!

something bother my vision
i dreamt that you were missing
when i woke up
i finally realize that i was lost
from long time ago

i'll be there for you
this promises are not made up
i'll wait for you
this time is running to catch you

you said love
you say hate
you said hello dear
you say bye biatj

that night i slept in your car
i laid my head at your shoulder
you whispered i love you
but now it's just echoing as a memory

the things you have said to me
is now ruined
there's no certainty
i wait here by my side

a little smile curved in my face
just to cool down those fire in my head
maybe i am loved
or maybe i am not

give your answer
just through a whiper
and give me a walk to remember
i hope we can be forever..........................

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