Saturday, June 18, 2011


there's always a piece of you in it.

it's not about that i've been dating you for years.

but about that lil things you might lose your sight of
things you might not notice

summer holiday has arrived.
aye Bali, here we come.

you know what it takes to make me love you a lil more?
a silly joke between a corny conversation
a crazy plan
a simple I Love You
a kiss on my forehead
a tight hug

i don't kno how to describe you.
you're just simply, effortlessly, amazing.
you're dope. like i wud go nuts for you.
i wud run away with you.
like i wud live forever, immortal.
like i wud pig out, not caring what i look like.
like i wud trade my whole for a bite of you
like i wud cut out my heart
i feel like i wud write a letter to God

and let Him know that i'm very happy
and extremely thankful for everything

Thursday, June 2, 2011

thank you LORD

when you're down
God sees you
when you're alone
God sits right next to you
when you cry
God wipes em tears off your face
when you are sad about everything

There are still some things you can smile about

1. you're still alive
2. your life is aint dat low
3. somebody out there might be thinking of you
4. somebody needs you
5. you can pig out everyday
6. you're still young
7. so many things dat you never know you got.