Sunday, September 21, 2008

get it all back

i am totally bored, ou meeeen. i am chatting with azka and tiwi, they are both my lovely girlssss. if i can go out to somewhere else, especially Medan, where he is. Thank God aaaaaa.
Gile nih gue udah get it all back belumya? pas kemaren sih berakhir dengan hasil yang yaaa rada enak lah, tp bakal berlanjut nggak tuh ya.

Dear God, Dear Jesus, here i am to worship You, God! I wanna thank all things you gave to me adn sorry if all things i've done are just braking Your heart. Bless me with Your Power. And i want to ask You, God! please don't break me up with Rengga ya. I know You know i love him too little too much. I understand You have Your own plan, but listen to this one please............... love you! Amend. this night i wanna sleep, guard me with Your angels and guard him there too :D:D

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