Thursday, March 5, 2009

You f*cked up my time, damn

Again and again, i'd love to talk about my confession.
Hm..... Can i just say that i'm too much, i guess i'm just so into you. I don't know what to say and what to type. Maybe just the matter i can't show. I'm feeling comfortable with fucking my time to talk and wait.
But also waiting to catch up with something i lost yesterday. Will it retrieve my own perspective about lovelife? My mind keeps telling the past to me,it makes me feel dying to feel what is running out. Sometimes when you don't know the reason, just stay like that, you'd better stay inside your home because you don't what life could bring
Because what is the main aim? Like i told you, i've felt that love comes out with my fear. I don't have the strength to say i love you f*cking crazy. I love everything related to you and everything that lead me to you

My past is so painful between afterlife and my today's life. I have to strive to reach what i want. Shall i take the very last chance to say then just say goodbye and pretend i never came to meet you

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