Thursday, March 19, 2009

And if i just can't let go

hello bloggy, i'm tired after playing balloon with my friends, hmmm last night i felt something wrong, i didn't treat him right, don't know why but something's on my mind and it bothered my mood, i just can't get to know, it's hidden and i can't figure it out. i'm not blinded so why did it feel so wrong? i told him "when you're saying that words, it was like you're saying you hate me", i'm a mean one and you mean everything to me. hm dim lo tau gue sayang sama lo, yang gue tau lo juga sayang sama gue, okay i'll tell you why i always worried about us, i oftenly get hurt and let down by my past, ya you know, i just don't want it to happen for this time esp when i'm with you,

i can't let it go

we all know if there's a start, there will be an end. promise me we won't, i'm sorry for last night,i made you feel worry.loveyou

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