Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Selamat pagi semuaaa, gue baru bangun nih, eh gua mau nyanyi dong “I miss the part that we were moving forward now. And I was blessed and I’ve forgotten how to love”, haha gua harus menuangkan suara cempreng nan sexy gua kemana nih ya, pas karaokean kemaren gua ga puas cuy abis nya ga sempet nyanyi your guardian angel sama your call HAHAHAH ye gak Nya? Gue mau nyanyi lagi aaah “We’re so close yet so far. It’s tearing me apart. What I would do to be there with you”. Gua sekarang lagi suka-sukanya sama lagu…. Hm ada deh lagunya tearing me apart wuakaka. Ngemengin soal music gue jadi inget deh pas SD kan kea ada acara gitu nah band SD angkatan gua pas kelas 6 tuh disuruh manggung kan, namanya NAJIBAND HUAHAUHAUHAU, artinya NAJIS BAND. Itu katanya sih dikasih sama CL. Busettt kl inget jaman SD lucu juga ye ckck. Pas manggung kita tuh 16 Dec 06. Kita bawain One Way Jesus. Hadoh sayang banget ya nggak di lanjutin, kan lumayan juga kalo main di LUSTRUM kemaren. Eh eh gua pengen bisa ngescream deh growl deh juga, uohhh I love Alesana. Lagu Alesana yang pertama kali gue kenal itu Apology, itu pas jamannya taun 07/08. Lyricnya ada gininya nih “I’ll lose myself in anguish for tonight, Help me get over youuuu”. Lagu-lagunya lyricnya tearing me apart juga hahah gak deng Cuma dikit tapi. Coba kita bahas soal masalah bangun pagi yukssss. Masa ya gue pernah denger kalo kita bangun pagi pasti bibir kita rada jontor, hahah ngakak nyettt, tp emang iya sih gue ngerasa bibir gua lebih tebel kalo bangun tidur, keak gimana gitu. Terus mata gua juga tambah belo hehehe, AU Ms. BELO ye…….. ehm ganti topic let’s. gua ntr jam 9 mau ke gereja yehhh, asiiiik, PT, a religious fun place to be. Hm mungkin udah dulu kali ya, semangat ya semua yang mau ngadapin UAN rajin-rajin belajar, terus yang lagi baru jadian jagain pacarnya jangan di sakitin. Yang baru putus, sabar aja ya nasib emang ga adil tapi pasti ntr ada surprise nya. Terus yang lagi sedih down dsb gausah sedih ya kan ada gueeee hahahaha. Byebye prens.

terus gue juga dari lama masih aja sering ngebuat puisi haha in my phone notes or even in my laptop hm wanna read one?

I was in the condition of falling apart
And just a girl with a mind of finding the one I used to love
The memories I got last year tear my heart
With the words I said to you
I complete my promise until now
I love you for it is real
Believe me, it’s not a made up stuff

The light I saw
Drew your sweet face in the sky
Line in with the horizon
It’s striking my heart so deep
I remember things we did
And times when we fought
Still, it bring me to tears
The lies I made to save you
Seems to be broken
It was not worth

Do you know how much I miss you?
It’s bleeding inside
Ten months of waiting to talk to you
I confess it’s great to be here, again
To be a full time friend
Not to surrender anything but to fight
I know what I want
Giving in doesn’t hit my soul
I find out something different in ourselves
In times we were apart
We becomes better now
Wishing that you will know soon
About this beat
The beat of wanting you so much

I can’t deny
That you’re my biggest obsession
Every months I pass the date of twenty five

I pray that every twenty five will bring you back
Do you ever know
How hard I fight this pain
To discover the real confession
I supposed to be your very best gift
In fact, I brought you in regret
Regret of bringing me to your life

What I’m trying to say
Is about something, apology
That gets me to trouble
I can’t find myself
And knowing why
I am sorry, I am sorry
Sorry for everything

I spend myself waiting
I waste myself to hope
Hoping in uncertain answer
Hanging my life through yours
Honestly, I don’t wanna stop
Until you turn your face to face me
What if finally I lost you completely
I don’t wanna think about it anymore
I never wanted this thing so much

Love wasn’t made to be broken
Even if it hurts
Even if it has ends
Please save my words
So if the day of the end comes
I won’t regret if I haven’t tell you
Missing you, Loving you
A complete parts to save a smile
Save mine, Save yours
Goodnight, don’t sleep until I call you

The act of hiding
And trying to erase you
Pushing me into storm
Screaming I’m badly in love with you
Then if you are tired to read this
Just look that I have this guts
I take this little shot to be back
I love you more than you ever know
I miss you so much,

But now,

i've found someone NEW! and my friend told me, in this morning actually, he's kind, very kiind yet lowprofile. VOILA! i don't have to worry about sth else except..... does he love me? because i'm so into you..... ahaha, well lovelife, i hope to see you soon honey

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