Thursday, March 5, 2009


i have to go to Bali (again) for 5 days. hhh me and many student just 5 actually plus me, and 15 teachers. i will be bored.
um, i don't know why, i don't want to go to bali for 5 days!!! it's a long time. okay guys i'm gonna miss you all guys. hm okay dim, you too. HAHAHA, yeah i mean i'm already comfortable of your phone call at night -_-
I’m totally bored and listening to kilms. HAUAHUA what should I post? It’s getting empty in here, okay okay maybe this one. Before I’ll go to Bali for 5DAYS a long days for me, oh myyyy!!! I’m thinking about my friends, will they miss me? Hm hope so. I’ll miss their deeds :p

1) Tia I’ll go to Bali, haha take care yaa esp. si Vera. When I get back to Jakarta I’ll report to you soon yah ahaha I’ll miss you and vera ya. And also Ayu the hot cat and the faker, ya of course you know who, ti. Don’t forget to mess around the class ya Ti. Go taste the wild okay okay? Don’t forget to call me also. Keep my girls in the zone, okay? I mean such as sye tiwi dll.
Marsha, after our last chat, do you know that I feel sad? I don’t wanna hear any single alphabet about you’re going to move, okay? We’re still best friend, right? Just so you know Mar, sometimes I regret about what happened between us. Hm and I miss you so much, do you still remember about that time? Especially when we went to Ancol? If you read this one Mar, don’t pretend that you don’t miss me :p we have our own minus Mar, but maybe if we both stand side by side, it will be perfect! I’m sorry if sometimes I was bad or maybe I am still bad and not so friendly with you, it’s just a matter of time. Maybe there’s problem between, but it must not create any space, am I right? We’ll keep doing better Mar, I promise someday we’ll be like yesterday. If you move to USA, we’ll meet again Mar, maybe when I’m 23 or argh I don’t know, we’ll meet. Like we knew, sisters won’t be apart
Maya, I’ll miss you ya and also Tasha too. I wanna hang out with you both again, and we’ll share stories again in taxi, okay guys? We’ll tell our stories again. Hm, and we’ll talk about boys and laugh at them. HAHA it will be fun surely. I’m gonna miss your voice when both of you say this word “Aaaaah” hahaha, okay enough net. Take care in Jakarta, and when I come back? Just hug me ;pppp cmon guys I’m outta Jakarta for 5 days. It’s hard, I love Jakarta and the friends. Bali’s not too interesting, I’ve friends here, so sunset won’t take your part. Oiya my, can you keep that “something-you-know” save and keep your eyes on it. And so I don’t have to worry about a thing
And….. Dimas I write your name, is it okay? First, thanks for being so nice ya and sorry but I really have to visit Bali this time. Thanks for saying “Janet jangan pergi”, it made me believe you’re my first biggest fan. I know you’ll miss my voice at your nights dim. I know you’ll miss the part when I admit I am your biggest fan, I like you, I love you, okay okay it’s all about HOLICS. And when you said I’m ugly talkative moody silly and foolish and what ever you’ve said before, okay I don’t care hahaha. When you pretended to be angry mad and etc, I’ll miss your naughty deeds hm like when you made me scared to death, and you know what? You slept when we were hanging on the phone last night, I thought you must be tired, I’ve told youuuu. And don’t forget about your promise, don’t smoke don’t drink and what else? Don’t do anything bad and risking yourself. I know I’m sooo kind dim. And if you’re lonesome take your guitar and just sing like I often asked. Take care and God bless.

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