Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When you dont know what it is

I was lying on bed in 3am
And trying to send myself to the sky
I need to close my eyes down tight
But all i see is your face
When you smiled at me
When you laughed at our jokes
My brain plays the video when we were there
At the rooftop and admiring the stars
I told you something i've never told
Maybe the words sounded complex to your ears
I was being so honest to you
So do i have to tell you one more time?
And the time will just stop to prevent the end
That i miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
Tell me i'm yours to be true
Tell me this has no end
Now the spring starts
Let's spend our time together

(just the way we want)

I love this lovely little things
In the night we talked
In the night we spent
When nightfall bothered my eyes
When i wanted to cry
You soothed me and called my name
Your voice covers me with serene
You told me you would keep me save

Can i say those words?
I love you........
I love you so much

I'll be here beside you
I'll walk with you and fight for glory
We'll sing our song, pray and shout Hallelujah
So here we are standing face to face with hands-in-hands
We kiss.............

We kiss.............

And tell me that words ain't a lie
And turn my day to that night

So do you love me to death?
Don't ever go
If you really wanna know and if you feel this feeling i never knew before
Call my name again tonight

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