Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Future Lists:

- Graduate from college/university and i'll make my dad mom and sisters proud

- I'll succeed and be a rich woman yet independent and i'll make my family live loaded

- I'll make a clothing line named ****, and i'll design the style

- I'll be a housewife :)
PS: i hope i'll be your wife ya Dim :pp like you told me before i'll be Mrs. Tasning, we'll live in our own island. You'll be a singer or somethin else i forgot and i'll be a good mother for our kids, we'll have 6kids like we've planned, boy girl boy girl and twins! Or maybe 11 -,- hm i'll be your lovely wife i'll serve you coffee and toasted bread in the morning and for the lunch and dinner, give it to our nannies haha, i'll kiss you before you go, everywhere you go i mean! i'll hug you when sleeping while whispering i love you and we'll keep doing better after 50years and more even if we're grey! we'll go to America like we've planned also, we'll live together!!! i'll be there when you're sick and i'll lay beside you and be there for you, you don't have to worry about a thing. we'll tell our kids about fairy tale and about our past, we'll help them to finish homeworks and hang out with them. hhh, i'll be the most happiest female ever, AMEND. Let's pray for our next months and future honey, loveyou

- Design buildings

- Buy my parents a new house completed with pool and big park

- Visit Russia

- Married (with Dimas Tasning)

- Buy own car

- Visit New York Fashion Week

- I'll design Dimas's private music studio

- I'll enroll my kids in the best school ever

- I'll make my WHOLE family happy

Read this God :)
I'll pray and always pray for this
Help me to reach these things, Thankyou God, Amend.

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