Sunday, March 29, 2009

hello dim

Dear Dimas,

hello stupid, it's good to see you here next to me, and it's good to hear your voice echoing through my phone everyday and every night. actually, i don't know what to say, but i'm just trying to tell you something true mm. i love you dim, i love you...... to death? yeah guess so. i've a lot of things i wish i could say to you,but my lips freeze!!! just so you know, maybe sometimes i let you down by saying something rude or anything i shouldn't, well maybe i just can't find the right way to tell. yaa i hope you know what i mean. anyway thank you for being a lovely opening in my mornings and a nice closing in my nights. you know what? i miss you ,on. so much so bad ahhh that much, m-u-c-h. you're a nice man, and you're different, you're silly and you're the difference i've been searching for YEAH! i'm not that good, hhh wish i could find you another good one, but.... no just let me try my very best honey. there are a lot of things left to say, just let me keep it and someday i'll throw it out. my gosh! usually i'm hanging on the phone in this such of time..... i missssss you. oh i almost forgot, happy birthday for your grandma. hey i'm talking to myself and i'm talking alone, you're not gonna answer me -_- silly but...... ah never mind, i'm missing you too much, it makes me hungry and i'm craving for you on, byee call me mwah
and.... i'm so sorry if as long you're with me, we can't meet in a normal frequency like other couple bye

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