Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just If only i can tell

if only i can tell you i love you
your voice and your laughter bring my tale to life
if only i can tell how much it is
then when you read this unbroken truth
don't tell me anything, even just a word spoken from your sweet lips
i see love comes out with my fear
i see your smile for my very last chance
just to ease
just to say goodbye

this night i'll tell you somehow
i just don't know how
i know you will keep me save
but maybe the words are too annoying
but maybe it's just to hard to let go someone you love most
but maybe i'm too scared to say
will you be with me until the dawn give me their first light?
will you hold me tight?
am i too selfish if i just want you at all
and when you finally know
i'm waiting for your call

if it hurts a lot
just don't ever tell me what's going on
cause you will never understand what it is
and you just can't see what i mean
like you are blinded

i want to ask
have you ever feel that you were the one?
like how i feel here beside you
you really know the reason why i'm dying
i just can't say the words
it hurts and to hard
i don't know why
am i too shy?
or i'm letting my heart to die?

every night
i remember everything
i tell myself that sometimes hopes don't come to help

if i were about to say
i love you

so would you really understand?
i know how falling hurts
do you know what is my cure?
maybe your voice, maybe you

and when you read this
just open up your eyes and stay awake for me
and wake me up if i sleep
i don't want to miss anything

and when you find out and hold it
don't stop staring at my eyes
just kiss me and i will know what is your answer
just don't let me go

PS: am i too scared? yes, okay, i'm taking a deep breathe bloggy! my friend said maybe he will hurts me, even when he says he really loves me Tas? i hope not. i'm deadly in love Tas, how can i get out just to breathe and taking answer? i'm spending my time talking and laughing, i don't think forgetting is easy. i can't move it Tas. do i have to leave or maybe i'll just stay to see the final result?

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