Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday's best buy

i bought this Aladdin and Jasmine action figures and felt happy for finding it
Aladdin: dms
Jasmine: me
ahaha okay2, but i love this pict anyway

she's my lil sister and um... she was trying on Joanna's new formal dress ahaha

while i was trying on my new denim skirt, black denim i mean, did you know it's a cheap one, i found that in small sale but cute enough. means: we don't really need to buy branded things

and this Cartoon Network Pack i bought is just so cute;))

she's Joanna, i like her style in this pict, hmm she was trying on her corduroy dress, it's a cute one, fit in my but too short, ah it won't matter i'll just borrow those dress yippie

this skirt is an acid washed, and it's cool, i like it for sure.

this mini black dress is also cute and ya i like it also

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