Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random things about Me

Abigail Riot is just my Alter Ego. i like my name ABIGAIL (Source of Joy) it's a Hebrew name and i'm a Riot, and talkative.

  • I love my Alpha Omega Jesus Christ
  • I love my whole family esp. Mom Dad Joan Josi
  • I love my friends, nannies, etc
  • I eat Yupi a lot, 1 jumbo sachet? 5 minutes? Um... less
  • Love ice-cream a lot, esp. Vanilla
  • I sometimes not-to-serious in talking
  • sometimes evil
  • Premature Baby
  • Lovelife? So pity
  • I love.....
  • I often hanging on the phone for many hours with friends, for now, hm i often otp with Maya and Dimas
  • I hate copycat
  • I'm tall enough and i'm on my diet to join......
  • okay okay, dmsholic 001 -_-
  • Fashion!!!! i love this word
  • A lil bit rude and talkative
  • Like to post and pose
  • I confess that i starting falling in love
  • iDescribe Facebook!!! rated as Friendly, Cute, Kind, Sweet, Stylish and the others: happy, cheerful, helful, funny, creative, honest, clever, attractive, loving, warm, able, confident, romantic, patient, energetic, realsitic, trustworthy, extroverted, relaxed, blod, adaptable, logical, independent, proud :)) thanks everyone. Find me in FACEBOOK!
  • I love pink,red, brown
  • i'm sick of a faker!
  • i love to mess around
  • don't like to treat friends bad
  • i rarely use branded things
  • afraid of blood and clown :pp

,bye guys

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