Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"maybe it's true that sometimes someone we love could hurt us more than another people can do"
--Janet (taken from old diary)

okay, i was looking and reading my old diaries
i laughed and wanna cried
it was so touchy when you read your remember-whens
oh my!!!
it opened my eyes and it was like i was blinded for all time (SIGH). and i also read my diary page when i was still with my ex. HAHA, it's a lil bit touchy and it triggered my doldrums.
BUT, i can get along with that, easily. i didn't know why. let me talk about lovelife, don't tell me that i'm too crazy about love, okay? It's like this.....

I rarely let boys down, it's my personal confession, because i learn how karma revolves and how truth hardly opens our eyes. That Quote upqrd is true! YEAH, maybe just for me. And now, bloggers and reader, i was just hit by my crush :p

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