Saturday, November 1, 2008


i turn off the light and triggering the fight
i love you right and i'll hold you tight
keeping you warm by the night
when it seems hard, i know i'm rejected
just so you know i burn my sweetest dream
it's to be with you
having familyand two lovely daughters and two handsome sons
remembering our fantasy when i kissed your neck and smelt your scent
i just wanna stay with you
lying on your bed,there beside you
just like that

we laughed all the way
the thirst of love you left
is now killing me
remembering our ups and downs we share together
when we were apart, i still believe i am the place to come back
i loved you yesterday
i love you today
i declare it's forever
as life goes on, i stay by our wishes, hopes and dreams
while you're walking away to feel something new
i'm lifting our pressure with no certainty
our remember whens become my favorite flashback
feels like an anguish and cuts like a knife
you whispered:
Janet, don't leave me okay? we have to be forever, we're back together now, i can;t believe it. hope twas not by your revenge
then i answered:
i love you for it is real

i just want you to be back right here

share our life in days and nights
especially when we slept together with our friends in your car
i didn't go home and pretending i slept over her house
we played truth or dare
and we drunk till night
well actually it's you honey
i miss anything, i miss everyting related to you
i am blessed to be with you even if it hurts
i don't wanna go on
i just wanna be yours forever
even you're not mine
i don't wanna go home, i don't wanna be apart with you
i remember when we were kissing and ignoring people around
when we messed together
when we played in your room and i tried your JackD
i remember when you drove so fast and when you were upset about me
i just can;t forget it
they're all too lovely for me
i want my holiday back,just like you
when we talked about it, till we cried
the you twirled my hair with your finger and you touched my nose
the way you looked into my eyes are something i need to wash away the tears

but i realize you don't love me

you paralyzed me by your strength, you make me weak
every single day i try to let you go

all i get is just loving you more and missing you more
it's a lie if the truth ain't show this is how i love you.

if someday i can be with you again
i will be the best for you
xoxo. this is my reality confession about me latest ex

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