Saturday, November 1, 2008

about it

About fixed and broken--- 4months

You promised to make up the pieces
You promised to hold me tight
The night we came to meet
The day we spent together
Our remember-whens
Our memories from the first to the last
Something i won’t give it up
Something i won’t easily get it over
I do really love you
I know it is forever
They told me so
They fed me with lies i shouldn’t believe
I lost my self that you do too
Expecting you care i just didn’t get it
I ran away from reality far enough to breathe again

Days are torn to monstrous machine
Thought you must be killing me
And you are
I was caught in the act in forcing you
I admit and i am sorry
Last thing i remember about you is
The scent when we were kissing
Right in our last meeting
I think it is your hair baby
I imagine how can i live without you
Remembering the one i love
Remembering the boy i know
And the eyes i usually stared at
Especially remembering the voice i heard
Saying i love you

Getting depressed is something i don’t want to feel
My veins seems burst
Just so you know, i love you and i really mean it
Lost time is never found
So every moments i spent with you
Will be something framed permanently in my mind
I cheated my self
I just don’t understand
Even i learn about how to love and to hurt
You drive me insane about it
This addiction get stronger
I seems ignoring you
But inside i really don’t

Nights are getting colder
Stars are not bright as they were
There must be time to change
This love isn’t made up
I gotta find something to fix it
Then i know, it is about me
I am searching for my self
So i change my self
I try to be someone better for you
I just want you to know that
I love you--- xoxo

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