Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shitty Saturday

Yoa boy, ask me why I wrote the title Shitty Saturday? Because it’s shitty. Yeah men. Shit-ty. Gini deh my cutie, if I really didn’t want to meet you, I’d rather done my photoshoots with uncle and I wouldn’t lie to my momey and dad, I wouldn’t stay there with lil cupcakes hanging such a kiddie tots. So please believe I didn’t lie to you. OKAY IF YOU STILL DON’T BELIEVE, let me tell you then, I’m tired of being untrustworthy. If you don’t believe me so don’t believe anything I’ve said to you, don’t ever believe lah. If you accuse me like this over and over, sorry to say I don’t want to be somebody else and just find another toy to play on. Sorry if this sounds rude but gue esmosi!? Enough for my scream

Hm I went to Bintaro Plaza the most gaul place in Bintaro lol, I went there to meet someone I rarely meet even if finally I didn’t meet him. I said to momdad that my sister’s pal, Shanice, asked me to join her bday party which held in the Friday before. And Saturday, actually I had to meet my uncle to take photos for something. Since I knew I wanted to meet the someone so I didn’t remind my mom about that. I didn’t understand maybe IM3 got an error connection and I didn’t receive any call from him, even IF he said *I called you many times, 10x times maybe, but you didn’t pick up, and you say that you’ve got no call, I’m not that stupid blablabla* okay…. If I lied, so why 0816122 I mean Indosat Operator sent me message reas like this *You’ve been called by +622173******* Just keep it in your mind and think, guys. When I called this person the man there said *oh Dimas is swimming* ergfff. I was in Marsha’s house near Bintaro Plaza and held a cute lil party in her room, yeah, what party? Animal freaks, oh yeah? Yeah maybe but it was fun and it made me feel okay. HAHAHAHAHA *singing* I’ll keep you my dirty lil secret, don’t tell anyone… AZEK GAK SIH!?@# maximum!!! And (cencored)—we fought (not me and Mar) but me and xx. It’s all about Friendship, Love, and Fight. Oulala bye hotties kiss kiss

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