Friday, May 1, 2009


Let me ask you some questions okay, your answers must be taken from your perspective

What makes you sad?

When I know I let my parents down and when I accidentally let my fellows down

What makes you cry?

When I can’t bear of feeling worry or something like anger, and when the ones I love just leave me or do something unpleasant

What makes you disappointed?

Ya of course when they let me down

What makes you angry?

When they lie to me and when they keep doing things I hate

What makes you feel spoiled?

When my boyfriend phones me, and when my parents are in the mood to buy some stuff

What hurts the most?

Being cheated on, and left alone, and remember something painful, and when someone you love don’t ever trust you, and when they tell me they feel disappointed. I’ve got a lot

What makes you laugh?

When dimas makes some silly jokes and when I’m with my friends

What makes you smile?

When my people say they love me and miss me esp. dimas

What do you hate?


What makes you scared?

I don’t like to see blood and clowns with red nose and powder, ouh shit

What makes you sick?

School and school work

What makes you angry?

A lot of things

What makes you crazy?

Shopping, hm I mean the stuff

What makes you brave?

Family and friends

What makes you alive?


What makes you feel loved?

When they hug me, saying I love you and do cute stuff

What are your must-have items?

Phone with Internet Connection and Wi-Fi, candies, magazines, and skirts

What makes you feel cute?

When they keep looking to my eyes haha

What makes you feel adorable?

When they tell me I’m cute ;pppp

What makes you feel sorry?

When I let them down

What makes you treat them right?


What makes you giggle?

Kids and toddlers, cute ones also Josi

What makes you dance?

Up-beat songs, screamo and night time lullaby

What makes you drunk?
Mineral Water

What makes you feel happy for the first time?


Do you like being in this world?

Yes of course, and I thank God for this


Because I don’t have the reason to leave this world

So tell me?

I live for His Name, family and friends. Okay, dimas also

Have any last words?

Aha, bye y’akk

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