Monday, May 18, 2009

Sency - Angels & Demons

hey yaw there bloggy, i was going with my friend to sency last sunday. gue ke sency siang gitu jam 1an,abis dari situ gue makan dulu kan ke food court, but we bought the ticket first. and after we ate we talked a lil and we walked around sency, hufff, and in 14.45 the movie began, we watched Angels and Demons *RECOMMENDED* you'll like it, seriously. Watch it! The plot can't be read and determined, so tricky. The movies finished at 4pm i guess, i just forgot. and we went to Kota, hahaa temen gue ngajak keliling kota gitulah muter, kata nya jarang2 kan gue kesana, abis dari situ muterin menteng terus muterin Grand Indonesia. Wufff, there are so much tasty food zones i never knew before. abis itu....... ke mana ya hmm oh iye jalan balik wkwk, gue balik ke rumah dianterin sambil ngobrol and then kan gue sampe rmh say thanks, udah deh. huaha at least gue ga stuck di rumah ye kan. bubyeee bloggy, c ya in the next post


Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

J!anet said...

@anonymous thanks anyway