Friday, May 8, 2009

WANTED, dead or alive

I crave this things very much, dad mommmm buy me some, pleaseeee!!!! *BEG*

1. ……… foil balloons!? I want them so baaad

2. Jimmy Neutron!!!! tees, action figure or anything! I crave for this stuff since I was in Elementary and never even get one :”(

3. Yupi kingdom ;p yupi gummy candy. As yummy as gummy as creamy as me, give me a loud laughter guys *lol*

4. All candies filled my drawer, from local and abroad, every brands yummmmy ;3

5. New Phone, my N81 is a crank! (comment: rusak parah nyet, udah ga bisa camera, gallery, data suka ilang baru gue pake 2 bln langsung rusak, memory nya asu, skrg udh 1 taun lebih, kuat ye gue tanpa kamera)

6. My own Macbook Pro or iMac yihihi, cmon daaaad mom!

7. SLR D90, crave craveeeee. But maybe D60 is enough

8. I want to have a job, so i work to get some money of mine

9. New outfits dooong :) from top to toes. From tops, pants, skirts, denims, shoes, sandals, slip ons, semi-boots, tights, opaque, stockings, jacket, blazer, necklaces, braces, and every kinds

10. My own (brand) new sleeporoom :d

And I’ll design the interior and everything inside my room

11. More Action figures! *CRAVE* from DC Heroes to Cartoons. Puhleaseee Puhlease puhleaseeee

12. This one known as a dream, Cupcake house -_-

13. Clothing Line and Café. Yep, someday when I grow up, I want to make a clothing line, wif nice prices, not a high ones and own a café HA-HA, I’m a success woman (cheeeese)

14. More money to buy my dad and mom a pent house, and buy Barbies for Josi, and Wardrobe Ready-Set for Joanna :’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’)

15. And more money (again), to buy Dimas an island No—Where-To-Find *laugh: HA-HA*

16. Money again to buy a new house for an orphanage foundation and to be the leader, honestly. I love kids I love babies, I like all of them, the faces the deeds and they’re cute and loved.

17. Muscle car, I dunno why but this car looks good and tough, arrrr.

18. I want to meet my granddad and grandma one more time

19. Lomo, maybe. Hm it’s cute…

20. Fruits Field, strawberry avocado papaya kiwi watermelon babyorange orange lychee pineapple

21. POLAROID………… boom boom boom boom boom.

22. A homey home near Kuta Beach with dadmomjoanjosi nannies dogs.

23. Is it possible to meet the real Santa Claus, because I’m curious here.

24. Bcome wiser, better, taller, smarter, etc also… slimmer (haha as always) *giggles*

25. Brother boy!!!! My mom said she is willing to, but wait until the end of the year mwihi :3

Named him Javiero, moooom. Amen!

26. I always beg for this to Jesus Christ.

Togetherness. With mom dad sister (unending), friends (forever), dimas (present)

I’m so human, that’s why I never feel contented with things I’ve got, human is greedy…

Um, maybe these are my sixteen most wanted, tell me what’s yours?

Pray to have these all, no prob, I’ll beg, pray and of course, I’ll try

Let me pray first, and let this things out. So I won’t feel worried and weary anymore. And so I can move on to the next day without regrets and anger.

Jesus Christ, our Savior, who reigns in heaven and rules in every kingdom up there and here, here I am to bow down, give thanks and ask forgiveness and to ask protection from evil and unwanted things. Thank You, for the blessings you put onto me my family and friends. Thanks for letting me breathe until now. Thanks for the foods the money and the gifts. Thanks for birth and recovery. Thanks for dads moms families friends and loves You give to our life. Thanks for everything i cannot mention here one by one, since You give us lil and massive blessings every single second. Our Father and our Alpha-Omega, we know we’re full of sins and we hardly control our selves, forgive our sins and erase our sins. Help me and my people not to walk in temptation, and help me to do good things to people and of course for Your Name. Bless the sick ones, I know they’ll get better each day, since Your Hands are on them. Bless the poor ones and bless the orphanages and the handicapped, since they’re loved and Your Justice are on them, give them jolly and their daily bread each day. I also believe You in taking care of my loves, God. Every single second, I know You keep Your eyes on me and my family and friends. Fill our days with joy, Your Mercy, Your Love and Glory, Your Wisdom and Your Guidance. Send us your angels to lead us in this weary world. For our parents, bless them so they can be good parents for us and parents we can be proud of, bless their every works also, give them a long-living age and healthiness, thank You. For our brothers sisters, bless them with your loving Hands, take a good care of them in every hot sunny days and hard rainy days. And don’t ever leave them alone. For our whole families, bless all of us, with our daily life, let us lift Your name higher in everything we do. For our friends, lead them to Your mercy and guide them with Your grace. And as we already know, You always be there for the ones whoe have faith, like we have. Thank You Lord, for everything. Also bless our future, our nations, our countries and his world to the next days. And I don’t forget to pray for dimas, thank You Lord, for giving the chance of being with your heavensend, give us Your love and Your strength to keep on living together and being your trustful children. Thank You Lord, this short prayer I seal with Your Name, Amen.

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