Friday, May 15, 2009


These are my Top Five something from my perspective

Top 5 bands/singers: (for now)
-Killing Me Inside
-PCD ft. Nicole
-Boys Like Girls
-Attack! Attack!

Top 5 songs for now
-Jem – It’s amazing
-Borris – Why are people running
-Alesana – This is usually the part where people scream
-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel
-Kevin Aprilio – Cathy Sharon

Top 5 Outfit Brands

Top 5 Most Wanted outfits

-tutu skirt &more skirts
-leggings (tights)

Top 5 Favorite Icons
-Alexa Chung
-Cory Kennedy
-Geldof Sisters
-Daisy Lowe
-Agyness Deyn

Top 5 Inspiration
-Cheap Monday
-Urban Outfitters
-Gogirl! doong.
-Diana Rikasari :p

Top 5 Cartoon Casts
-Jimmy Neutron
-Superheroes by DC Heroes
-Cookie Monster

Top 5 Colors:
-Fluor Pink
-Fluor Blue

Top 5 Main Dishes
-Macaroni Cheese
-Kangkung tumis

Top 5 Favorite Fruits
-Watermelon and I can’t ignore my passion in Pineapple ;ppp

Top 5 Favorite Vegies
-Kang kuuung

Top 5 Favorite Drinks
-Avocado Juice
-Strawberry Juice
-Vanilla Milkshake
-Mixmax huahuah ye ga Mar? GAK DENG DIM. I choose Root Beer

Top 5 Favorite Candies
-Push Pop
-Hudson’s Honey and Lemon
-Double Bubble

Top 5 Foods:
-Fire Floss (Bread Talk)
-Opera Cake (Cheese Cake Factory)
-Cookies and Cream (Baskin&Robbins)
-Blizzard (Dairy Queen)
-Frozen Yoghurt (Jco/SourSally)

Top 5 gadgets
-SLR D90
-N81, my phoneee ;pp
-maybe blackberry ;)

Top 5 favorite numbers
-53 c:

Top 5 movies:
-Game Plan
-Journey to the centre of the earth
-night at the museum

Top 5 Local Movies:
-Realita Cinta & Rock&Roll
-Bukan Cinta Biasa
-Best Friend

Top Five So much love

Top 5 more than best friends

Top 5 best school mates

µ Top 5 listener
-Anitha Mega

Top 5 male
-my Dad

Top 5 senior figures
-Kak Ranny
-Kak Pinkey
-Kak Ghaiz
-Kak Nadira

Top 5 Places
-PIM (siempre)
-Lollita’s little café
-Oh La La Bintaro
-My house
-Maya’s and Marsha’s :pp

Top 5 activities

Top 5 websites

-MSN Messenger

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