Saturday, May 2, 2009

lustful and drunk and bored

Hey, bloggy. What r u doin’? I’m typing this sins here. Feel bored and kicked out. Honestly, I hardly think about what I’ve done bad neither not. I’m upset and confused. I don’t like school, I just love the friends. I don’t like mall I just love the fun. I don’t like to eat much nowadays but I like to drink, drink anything what I want to drink lol, believe it or not my serving is 1/3 of my lil sister’s. and I just feel full with that. Even if 1 Bread Talk can give me tummy-comfort. Is there something wrong? I guess no. Ummm… I don’t like to kiss and kissed, but I love hugs. I’d rather smoke shisha than cigars that causes my nose to sneeze and stuck haha what ever. I’d rather drink mixed vodka than a beer since vodka is sweeter, and neither y’all I know it. I’d rather eat cupcakes than drink vodka and smoke shisha, yaiyalaaah apa banget deh lu banyak bullshit net. Enough for my I’d rather. Hm, this morning I haven’t ate my breakfast, I don’t like the foods but I’ll ask my nanny to scramble an egg with chilli and ginseng leaves with chicken nugget or something. And today, unfortunately I don’t go to church because my driver goes to Bogor!!!! ARGH I really want to go to catch a fun with pals because it will be an outbond, shit head. *ANGRYYYYYYYY*. And I expect Dimas won’t call me this day after what happened last day, sorry man.

I’m watching Dora now haha, cute and cute and argh I’m damn confused. SOMETIMES I feel unwanted, I mean I feel I don’t want to meet anybody and I want to be alone with no one beside just me and Jesus, no fam, no friends, no Dimas. But I’ve felt lonely before and I don’t want to be lonesome anymore. Do they give a fuck? Maybe yes maybe no or maybe not anymore. Who knows? HEY HEY this is Avatar the Legend of Aang, lol, I miss it. *singing: Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already the voice inside my head, I miss you….* aha Blink 182 I miss you. It’s pretty cool when someone you love most miss you crazily and it’s well known it makes you feel wanted and loved, and when they just can’t control their selves like UH MAIGAT I MISS HER I MISS HIM. When their Personal Message read like “I miss youuuu so much”, “kangen Janet” or what ever It should be, I know you’ll feel perfect. But just don’t fly too high, when you’re falling, it’s quite hurt to feel anymore, all you want is being numb to all things and you want to go home. Like what I feel just now. Do you understand? Because I don’t know what I’m talking about. I think I’m drunk lol, see…. I’m smarter when I’m drunk ;ppp

Love, me.

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