Saturday, May 9, 2009

PIM 09

Happy Birthday MAYA!!!!
Wish u all d best and hopes your dreams come true
God bless u and also ur fam ;)

lovee, your friends.

This day is 9th of May, and also the day of Maya's bday.
I went to Marsha's house and wait for Irma. And after that, we three went to Hero to buy something. We caught a taxi and went right away to PIM, there, we met Jete and Cimenk (Irma's and Marsha's), we met Tasha also. So we walked around the mall, to Kansup to 21 and other places. When we were sitting and relaxing in Kansup, down there i met many friends of mine and they also do. We talked and laughed. Jete ate and she smoke *lol* not me loh Dim. And um.... we bought ticket in 21 PIM 1 and met Boncil by a coincidence. long time no see, pal. Then, we watched the movie Bukan Cinta Biasa, seriously it's coooool touchy and so damn funny, and it's recommended. After watching the movie i.................cried i dont know why but maybe i laughed so hard til i cried then, we came to Maya at Pizza Hut he's with Cko and kak Nitya and Rangga, hue. so there, we ate and talked a lot, we laughed so hard til our stomach feels hurt *lol---hyperbole* after eating, we decided to go home at 9.30pm (for about). Irma with her mom, Jete and Cimenk, Cko and kakNitya, Maya Me Tasha and Marsha went home together by taxi, and Rangga just walked together with us to the lobby. I went to Marsha's and waited for my dad. We talked about thingy and my dad picked me up and byeeeeeeeeeeee. I arrive at home in 11 o'clock.

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