Saturday, February 28, 2009


i'm using my sister's tees, my dad's beanie, and my pants ehehe

my mom's shirt and my denim, it's a best buy, in a market/store only Rp. 40.000

Tees: in Bandung, T-shirt: my childhood, Belt: dad's, White pants: just Rp.60rb, heels: mom's from Italy

white pant, T-shirt(my mom's when she was pregnant), cute bag(mom's), blue bangles, belt, unusual face hahah

HM this is the prove that old fashioned things and not so expensive things are also good and cool guys. hahaahh i post this post just for fun

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Anonymous said...

janet masa kayaknya aku punya jeans pendek km juga deh haha sama murahnya loh :)