Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cute Stuff ---MUST HAVE!

I HEART THIS NECKLACES A LOT!!! wish i could get it in one wink, i won't waste a second not to wish :pp

take a look at the left pict, isn't it so cute? hm i mean the necklace, pink, purple and the soft one, black. and what is it? something golden errrgh

hm and when i was searching any cute stuff, i found this cute girls. they're fashionably cute and sweet. i love the first, third, and fifth. FLUOR COLOUR IS STILL IN!

this pict is nice hm but examine it.... the necklace? black black boo good

hmmm i like the robot one :pp i hate why it's so hard to find things such of these in indonesia

this cute sexy lips are silver. and rarely found in.... i don't know (sigh) ya you know how it is in indonesia? it's hard to find something like this which is so-not-expensive

and how about this NY Cap? try to find it?

this pict are cute that's why i post it hauhauha
hmmm the cake burger and candies. the shitty part is i'm fat enough, i'm on my diet. so keep on dreaming Janet!!!

HMMM this pict makes me remember when i went to Mangga Dua and saw Miu-Miu studded back. it's damn cool but i know HOW MUCH i must pay T.T

i like their face, yeah grumpy face like models always do. from the first picture i like the statement necklace, and the second i like the pink mini dress with the ramples also ahahah, the third one, hm take a look

OKAY It's ZEBRA ATTACK!!! you know what? i start loving zebra prints


hahaha i'm tired of uploading pictures :p
oh men, fashion is growing from old fashioned until tommorow looks
but they're all still on, just if you use it proudly and just be your self
don't be afraid if tey call you alay because, yeah it's you! maybe they're just not unique as you do and they're JEALOUS! haha goodbye

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