Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the rules of goodbye

when you leave the path, don't look back
the one you leave will feel harder to let go
just forget it,seems nothing happens. you both will be okay if the time say yes

the one you leave will also give you anytime-signal so, when you're lost so you can find the way back. when you go, don't say any single word to explain, enough for goodbye.
the one you leave will think about Why and What's Wrong With Me?. Since apology and reason won't turn back time and bring everything back to the normal time of being happy. when you step away, don't give chance a last try to make everything okay, especially, for stopping the tears to fall. When you step away, don't ever feel worry abput the one you leave, they will feel better if you leave with no worries and pressure. but the problem is, they will mark that permanently in their life or they will feel suffer everytime they remember about goodbye and the taste of being left.
goodbye and forgetting are not easy as the way you spell it. it is much better to take the word, PRETEND.

  1. Pretend that you know nothing
  2. pretend that you won't feel a thing
  3. pretend that you will be better each day, even if it won't

but don't you pretend like everything is okaaay. you will be hurt right in the heart and the guts if you know it isn't. just let it all goes by, hardly, as world revolves around, rain falls, wind blows, sun shines, stars fall, AND your tears? are running out


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