Friday, June 12, 2009

Cheers C!

Cheers for Christopher Lambert

Can't tell you why, but we're so proud of him. He's got the strength and the power to kick ass HAHAHA
Penabur thanks to CL. This day was so great and amazing, i and my great friends explored those place and saw the show. I met Anggie Bunga and also Si Faqi huo somse.... and so many familiar faces were there, can't type it one by one. Paling seru waktu desek-desekan di mobil penumpang 5 orang eh diisi sama 8 orang. yang 3 di bagasi huaha. I met my old friends and my playgroup friend, Pedro also. So happy i could see their faces at once. Thought i could met Dimas there, hah he was playing with his friend's house.I also met kak Bobby, he kept saying 'eh ada pisau ngga?mau dicongkel ini matanya' HAHA adoh. I met Itop huaha hey wazup bro.... this day i got my cheek being DICUBIT! and my calf being MELEPUH. tired yet so ffffun. i'm satisfied. It's cute to be remembered. I love my friends all of them except backstabbers. There, i also saw 'something' COOL. couldn't kept it away. WAAAY COOOL!?

night, janet

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