Thursday, April 9, 2009

What makes me fat?

you need to know why my body is soooooooo massive like this!@#$% hahaha lol, it's too much, not too massive but not skinny. hm i eat!!! ya of course girl, human eat! these are my favorite foods:

  • Baked Macaroni added with melted cheese, served warm and with chilli sauce, yummy
  • Yupi Gummy Candy, this one is my favorite candy of all time!!! i can eat one big pack just in 5 minutes or less..................
  • Ginger Sweets, i can eat this thing, 10 per serving
  • Lasagna, i can't bear my lust!!! my gosh, lasagna is so yummy
  • Seafood Fried Rice, yummy and so Indonesian :)
  • Teler Ice or Mixed Ice, especially using Vanilla Milk sluuuurrrp....
  • My maid's Kangkung!!! huuuu this food is delicious and i just want to bring my own food to school as long as i get this veggie
  • Vegetabled with Orak-arik Egg! tastyyyy and healthy
  • Fruit Salad ;33
  • Vanilla Ice Cream, all kind of ice creams!!!!
  • Chocolate bar!!!! Cadbury and others
  • Tahu Tempe!! try it, fry it with egg mixed with flour.
  • Risoles! with cheede and mayo
  • Vanilla Milkshake :333333333333
  • MILK!!!!!!!!
  • Crackers: Malkist, Gery
  • Biscuit: Goodtime!!! Cookies
  • Coconut iceeee with milk
  • Root Beer
  • honestly, red wine makes me crazy with it taste but what can i do if someone doesn't allow me to consume it
  • Waffleeeeeee with vanilla ice cream and no topping
  • Cupcakes, Soes, argggggh i'm starving
  • Otak-otak!!!!!
  • I love Indonesian Food!!!
  • Pizza, 5 cheese Pizza by Sarpino's especially
  • Steaaaaak!!!!!!
just stop.

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Tasya said...

jnttttt namanya juga lagi pertumbuhan ehehe jangan diet terlalu keras neeet, emg beratmu brp net?