Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kemang rollers

Places mentioned: PIM, Lil Baghdad, Lollita’s Little Café

Persons involved: Maya, Tasha, Ria, Tasya, Ria, Tiwi, Wine, Dimas Aga, Qodry, Arya, the others

What did I wear?: Tank top, lacey outwear, buttoned waisted skirt, sneakers, bangles, mickey’s red pants necklace ;pp

Day til drop:

I went to Maya’s house, at 1pm and I met Ria there, Tasha also and we waited for Tia. After that we went to our first desination, PIM. Her driver dropped us there and drove Maya to her course, haha actually Maya lied to him, her ex picked her up there and brought her to PIM. We met again in PIM, while I had to meet Dimas at the food court. So we went to the upper level and reached the food court, and I saw Dimas, he was with Aga and Qodry. They told me that Tiwi was right in-front of Tamani Café with Wine, so I walked a lil bit quicker. Said hello to Tiwi and Wine. Yihea, we talked laughed and made fun of each others, and dimas started to make funny silly face and I just wanted to hit it hahaha, he act like he’s annoying, and the fight began when I said I have to go to Kemang so I couldn’t watch movie with em, I’ve to skip it. he started to groan and act spoiled, and… ANNOYING! He kept saying “if you dare to go to Kemang, let’s see what will happen then” over and over. I asked “do you have any reason?” he said he wouldn’t permit me no matter what. He put on his damn unpleasant face. And you know what? We kept fighting, in 21 Cinemas, and in-front of its front gate. Shit man! He was a real annoying, he gave a bitch about Kemang, and my mind just told me, just go and have fun with your girls. I thought so, since what advantage I got if I still there and just being pointed at the wrong side? The fun part is we teased each other like “anjing tai asu and others” (CENCORED PART). We talked in high-pitched and f*ckin faces and grinned and other kinds of ugly expressions. I still laughed and he was mad yeahhh I gotcha dim. We debated on who’s wrong or right and we fought there. The point is he just wanted to have a nice hang with me after we didn’t meet for a long time.

And I just went to Kemang with Maya Ria Tasha and Tia and I ignored Dimas, WELL, I know it wasn’t right so I cried in taxi ;pp oh yea?... I hated dimas a lot! He called and talked, not a chill out ones I was sure. And after we talked on the phone over and over and he got it over when I hadn’t finish my words. I was like oh shit ass what have he done? Okay then, have fun and bye. We arrived at Kemang and stayed at Little Baghdad to get a drink and some snacks. And after that we went to the other side, Lollita’s Little Café and drink another drinks. And Tasya called me, she has arrived there and asked me to meet her outside. I went out and met her and brought her in and introduced her. We’ve reserved table for 7.30pm on my name in Little Baghdad to have some crazy smoky haze, the beauties went there and caught some fun, taking photos and sharing stories and gossiping. At 8 passed 30 maybe, we went home and dropped Ria to her house and Tia also.

There were Me, Tasha (picked up by her parents) and Maya left, we reached Maya’s house and I changed my clothes there, bcs I had to sleep over her house and oh frivolity it’s a cute night. When midnight came, me and maya still up late to browse hotties hahaha and gossiped. When we finally signed everything off, we went to Agis’s room and took some photos and talked. SUDDENLY, my phone rang----> “Who’s calling? Maybe it’s Dimas” I said to maya and she said “yeah maybe” AND yeah, I was absolutely right, we fought and talked with gue-elo and rude words for a long time, and I was like giving up and I thought it was the time to break up, I mean, we were going to get it over. And when he explained what it feels like the one you loved don’t give a damn about you? and act like don’t care? Woho, I know now. I was really sorry about yesterday and I asked for forgiveness and yeah well we’re still together until now,even it was a bad bad bad bad condition to survive. We fought a little hardcore in talks, but we still know we love each other<3>

After that war, Me and Dimas talked and laughed as usual and seems like there was nothing bad happened. Maya was on the phone with someone mysterious and I don’t know who, til now. Dimas and I talked for about 3 hours or more if I’m not mistaken since 11pm or 11 passed something, and when I started to be sleepy and very sleepy he asked his duty to accompany me sleeping, awkayyy then, he accompanied me until…. 4am or less. He’s kind, really, I regretted of what I did, and I guess I’m a cute selfish one, right, Dim? Hm….. bye we slept and in the morning, Tasha came to join Maya and me of going to church, we went there and praise the Lord and went home safely happily ever after

Now, it’s almost 12pm, I have to go to sleep, I’ve hung on the phone with my talkative bunny and bye bloggy, see you next post

PS: yang pada UAN, sukses yaaa ;))


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