Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trash this scary lullaby above

"fuck, i have those thought already and it's just a head-banging for me and something relates to a shit i've thrown and just get back to my toes"

i get bored and tired of this kinda life, really. i'm bored, guys. there are nothing change, except becoming complex. i'm getting sick and just need some new fresh air. i saw something mixed with a half part of me and have just gone for a long time, damn! i've found dimas it's wonderful enough but i need another change, something like i wish i never knew that stuff before! i wish i could make it end and just stop whispering something unexplained, it just fucked my time and annoying ya know? can i just cry a while and can they just shut up their mouth and don't give a bitch about me. problems come up again with their company and they break my faith (sigh), i'm letting myself to get hyperbole, ah just let it comes out.

from monday to monday, what difference has entered my life? nothing, not another knock. i need to breathe and let go of the tyrannies, torment, past, bad stories and ah everything. let me reach something new and learn to be an independent unbreakable female!!!! (membara). erase my nightmares and ignore those so-whatever stuff. okay i'm waiting fr my first month with dimas and trying to enjoy the ride i mean my life.

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