Monday, April 6, 2009

Old-times words i won't forget

hey bloggy, yeahhh gue mau ngepost kata2 aneh gue newwwwch ahahah puisi alay berbahasa kyuttt. yang kebanyakan gue buat pas lagi jadian sama mantan2 gue atopun sm pcr gue, congratss ya pada jadi inspirasi gua wkwkwk

don't copy or paste anything from this page ya!!!!!

ga jelas dan yahh sedih gue ngebuatnya:
i pray we will always be together and never be apart
forever we will laugh and cry
forever i will love you til i die
since we've been together i know one thing is true
and never will i let go

i'm sorry i wasn't there when you need me and sorry for all the pain that i've put on you (HAHAHAAH)

since you're my only reason i will wait for four seasons. i can't get over you. but you almost reach the serene place without me. help me get over you, even it just be the fire to burn, a fire to burn, a wind to blow, a rain to wash, a blood to proove, a word to find, it is you. it's not enough to erase. you let me down by showing an empty case of hope, this heart has no beat until the day you say hello. the mirror i broke, they disappeared to find your face, yu told me not to cry but you make my tears fall. we don't learn by smiling but by suffering. and i will catch you falls even when you went away after you gave our remember-whens' a shot to be remembered
(asuuu enek dah haahahaha)

can i still hold you as tigt as you wanted
and make the wasted time becomes meaningless
and i won't let it die
can i still kiss me the same
and be the one who kill my shame
because when the time stops
i will die without a doubt
but when you hold me as usual
please tell me, your time for me is endless
-->okay2 gue buat pas berantem sama lu dim, iseng2 berhadiah bgt kanssss
ah ini dulu ah wordart gueeee byeee, awas lu yang ngopy ya fuck


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