Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zena Livianda.


What a rare name.

The first time i heard of her, i know for sure that she is a tough girl.

She’s fun. She’s sometimes grumpy but, seriously, this girl is different.

This girl never leaves when the rest is gone.

This girl took a good care of me (and Ines) in Bali.

Tho we barely knew each other.

I’m really sad to know that it’s weeks away til her move to the states.

I just want her to know,

Tho we take different path, in life, there’s always one point where people from the past gather around to look back all the fun and shit left behind. And to tell how much each other has grown.

(TRUE) Friends.

Are more costly than gold.

Are harder to find than money.

Are the source of happiness, fun, and lessons.

Are impossible to forget.

We will meet new people. Different faces. Different personalities.

Some might be a lot like you. Some might be too strange to stick around with.


No bitch will ever replace you.

And there’s no need to fear so.

And if you think we don’t love you, as much as you love us.

You’re wrong. Abs wrong.

I only had 5 days (in Bali) to get to know you this close.


And yeah, i hope you feel the same.

And it’s not just me by the way. When i say “bitches”, well i know you do understand who the devils they are. HE HE

Note this.

Your dream is BIG. And you’re the next BIG thing on earth.

Promise me 2 things

1. You’ll attend my wedding and enroll ur kids in the best school at the states (where i’ll enroll mine too :P).

2. Don’t ever forget that we’ll always be friends. Best friends. You’ll meet that so-called American teens. This may sounds a bit selfish but, don’t ever replace your brothers and sisters. Remember where you come from.

We got your back, Zena. Touch the sky. Dream BIG. Make it happen.

You will never walk alone.

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