Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Bad Temper

Yep. So if i could define bad temper in two words, it would be grumpy and or maybe selfish?

And to be honest with you friends, my temper is very bad and it's not because i'm labile, this is just me. I can hold back my feelings, telling you guys, I CAN. but i can be so sharp at making a statement. I'm not always wrong too, but not always right as well. And if you can't handle me at my worst, than you sure as hell don't deserve me at my BEST. My bad temper has been causing so much damages in relationships between me and friends, family and boyfriend. But here is the thing you people really HAVE to know

Behind this wild side, i do have the delicate, so soft and fragile side that nobody cares about. Nobody. Trust me. Nobody would like to be the blame. Nobody would like to get the impact of my bad temper. Tongue is boneless. And the easiest way to hurt people is by saying something rude. Man, that's easy. But remember, i won't pick up a fight, if you don't trigger me to. I can guarantee you 100%. And due to the fact that i'm a girl, it's clear to see. My hormones also take part. Hahahaha and bitch, really, girls are sensitive, so is me.

Don't date a girl if you sure you can't handle her bad mood

I'm just being real. If you love me, i think, if you love me for who i really fucking am, you won't complain and you won't RUN OUT OF PATIENCE. And if you don't love me, chill, walk away bcs i never asked you too enter my life and be friends and so on. I'm tired of listening.

Now it's time for you to listen

People have problems. And so do i. I can't handle them alone, but somehow i just can't tell everything. There is still something i can't tell my boyfriend, my mom and my dad.( Tho i will never be able to lie to You, God).

Just don't talk to me "that" way, i mean, don't ever even think to talk to me in high-pitched. Treat me as a lady, gentle man. If you are one.
Treat me as a friend.

You bite. I kill. So simple aite? My brain is smart enough to manage an evil plan too. Ok im starting to be toooooo honest hahahaha.

It's normal, the pressures are forcing me to be such a beast i know. But why don't you help me? Why are people complaining? Why don't people understand. Pleaseplease please
I know i've been a bad daughter, boyfriend, friend, classmate, and whatever it is. I'm SORRY. I'm SORRY. But i'm here to ask you people. My people. you-all-know-who. I don't have to mention their names one by one. I am fucking sorry for ever ruining your days and moods. Sorry. Just leave, if you don't wanna get hurt, leave, tell me that i'm not good. EASY. Just don't be such a jerk, blabbering everything i did wrong.

Hereby, i apologize to DVRPUTRA. for all the things i did wrong, for all the days i ruined, and all the troubles i put us thru'. I want you to put me first, or else i'll be putting you the last in my "Who to care about list". That's pretty fair, i think lol (don't take this as a joke). I mean it. I'm trying to make you understand why i've been so grumpy these days. I love you, but i just don't know how not to be me.... sorry. And oh yes, i got hyped almost everytime, when i miss you, when you're nowhere to be found, when i'm alone, when you're being such an ass, when we're in a fight, when everything is ain't like what i wanted it to be. It's very human, my dear. It's just not you but it's so me. And thank God for sending me a guy with patience like him, thanks for sticking with me for like almost 2 years and present ;)

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