Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Numbers are just numbers

when you're in love
no matter how old or young that person is
you'd go for it
and take all risks
40 year-old or 16 year-old
40 and 16 are just numbers
and they dont change a thing

when you are with someone you'd like to spend your time with
you'd forget to eat bcs all you do is looking in their eyes
even when the time strikes 2 in the morning
you still think that it's not enough
2 is just a number

when you want someone so bad
and tho it seems like that person's not into you
you would wait
tho it takes longer than 6 months or years
you just would.
6 is just a number

when you're in a relationship
and it's like meant to be
no matter how long you've been together
tho you two fight a lot, you suffer, you end up crying yourself to sleep
even 2? 4? 8? years are still short for you to feel the love you'd die for

and maybe, you'd like to spend your forever with that person you're thinking right now when you read this post :)

but numbers matter in....the papers inside your wallet. i know :P

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