Thursday, May 19, 2011

never too young to speak

Go right and left. Fly up and fall down. You know what's the best part of being a teenager?

It's when you go crazy, scream out loud, fool around, make mistakes, do bad things, and try new shit. People will think it's because we're young. And we still need to learn, a lot.

Just don't forget to start your every day with a smile and a flaming hope!

Kids, we are too young to complain about the world, yea i know. But this world is ours to take care. God said so. And it is our job to keep the world green. You can google it yourself how to support the green-ing program!

Kids, we are too young to worry. But if we don't start today, imagine what would your future be?
Thank God for every chance you have. To be sitting in the middle of the class listening to your teacher (tho it's boring). To be sitting in the passenger seat of your old car (tho' it's uncool for some people). To be reading this post (tho' my english's not that good, thank God you still have internet). To be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks (tho smtimes they dont taste good). Thank God that you are not handicapped....

Kids, we are too young to think over. Make mistakes. Spread positive energies. Lead the world to somewhere better. Try new things. Make enemies. And turn them into friends.

Kids, and don't be scared to fall for someone you really care about. Don't be afraid to suffer, for it is true that suffering teaches mankind how to handle pain and not to over-think any shit. Never fear to have your heart broken, be happy because there is always someone who will soon taps your back, hugs you and tells you "Everything will be alright. I'm here". Don't be afraid to be the victim of love, bcs "by being closer to your enemy, you are closer to victory. by being able to control your fear, you'll be able to get through the strongest windstorm"

Kids, let's reach the top! We are the next big thing! The next leaders of the world!

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