Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The start of June 2010

(I captured this pic from http://www.cameroid.com and posed sweetly :P)

Hey, it's the 1st day in June. And let's start this month with a good praying!!!
Semoga dibulan ini, semuanya jadi lebih baik ya, begitu juga semoga insipirasi blogging gue kenceng ahahaha. Semoga kalian dpt semua yg terbaik, dan makin sering visit kesini.

Everything will be fine and gets better in time. I'll be the same through the time, my Devara!!
Be a good friend. Be a good girlfriend. Be a good stranger. But this is all i am as a DAUGHTER. Like it or not, this is Janet Abigail.

"I always wonder why love makes us stronger even it's the same place it makes us dying. And i always wonder why can't old people see what teenage love looks like, how does it feel, and why can't we leave it. Please, someone's gotta expound a lot of these. Fate has chosen its plot, and i hope this was forever. I always hope for the best and afraid of losing what i've got is always haunting. There's a lot of you who wouldn't know me, that much. And i hope that this will help. I'm pretty bad at English, i don't understand grammar LOL. I'm good at loving and being a good friend. But it depends on YOU. It's a pretty fun thing to share my time with my boyfriend and friends. I don't really enjoy being at home, that's what my dad and mom should have known. I'm a teen who's growing up, waaay older.

And i've learned about being in a relationship, having someone you'd like to keep forever, staying up late thinking about old days and tomorrows, laughing about something silly, dreaming about someone each and every day, falling in love with the same person each day, losing your arguments and statements, and well, a lot of things are hard to explain. It's like the entire world changes differently and you can do nothing, you can't help. Memories keeping you holding on. I've been in love for 11 months with a guy named Devara. Wish me a long-lasting relationship!! This 4th of June, we'll be having our 11th month. Oh almost forgot, my NEM for the National Examination was 36,75 and i'd like to enroll in 70 SHS. Wish me all the best, readers

When it's boring i'll be trying to find an escape, maybe watching movies and day-dreaming LOL
When i'm not in the mood, i'll be spamming Twitter timeline, as always!(‎​◦ˇ зˇ)

That's all for today, have a nice June

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